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Golden Dawn's natural environment; a prison cell
by Thanos Kalamidas
2013-09-29 12:29:44
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Since Saturday early in the morning the Greek police have started gradually arresting members of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn all around Greece and all the levels of the organization including the leadership of the party and the neo-Nazi members of the Greek parliament. The accusations vary from murder, blackmails, money laundry, beatings, threats and everything that comprehends a criminal organization. In raids to houses and offices the police confiscated weapons, money and armoury.

Of course contemporary politics and semantics makes you wander. Why now? Obviously from the accusations there is a lot of material that has been collected the last three years at least and obviously the murder of Pavlos Fyssas was not the first one. Actually the authorities are talking about another two murders, they can prove and nobody knows how many more they investigate. Common element about the other ones and only difference with Fyssas murder is that Pavlos Fyssas was Greek while the rest immigrants. That’s one thing to remember.

But before we get back to the whys let’s make some things very clear.

There is no ideological or philosophical background to the Nazis and its neo-Nazis offspring. Nazism is the creation of one twisted psychotic man and his cronies with one and only one aim to establish a totalitarian regime that will control all human and natural resources for their personal profit. In the way to succeed that they will kill and suppress anybody who will go against their without any conscience issues. It is like putting Jack the Ripper in the lead of a country.

By arresting the leadership of a neo-Nazi group or winning in a war the original Nazis didn’t and doesn’t mean that democracy won. Democracy doesn’t win when a criminal and a murderer goes to jail. Justice wins.

Democracy wins when people enjoy equality everywhere; democracy wins when people enjoy education, work and food for everybody. Democracy wins when justice works all the time, everywhere and equally for everybody.

In the case of Golden Dawn it was justice that started a battle against organized crime and a gang of serial killers and we all hop and we are going to help so in the end justice will win. But we must always remember that this is battle justice won, the war is not over yet otherwise Nazism would have died April 30th 1945.

The last few months more and more have started realizing what’s going on I Greece the last two years beyond the financial crisis and that this domino effect could be much worst than the euro one. They also have started to see that talking about democracy and freedom of speech with a group of criminals who managed to enter the parliamentary system from the back door just as Hitler did 70 years ago only damages democracy and nothing else. And democracy has rules conditioned by ethics. A Nazi group has absolutely nothing to do with ethics and by definition opposes any ethics.

In their founding memorandum the Golden Dawn emphasizes that one of their first aims is the destruction of the parliament and any democratic institution, the creation of nation without tolerance to the different as they understand it (every opposition to their ideas or stereotypes is opposition and deserves “punishment” and extermination). Their founding manifest is as clear for their intentions as “Mein kampf” was something like 80 years ago. But nobody took it seriously then – too inhuman, too psychotic – nobody took seriously Golden Dawn’s manifest thirty years ago.

And now the whys start! Why now! Is it because the Greek Prime minster feels the rising interest in the neo-Nazis from Europe especially now when we getting closer for the January first which marks the beginning of the Greek presidency in the European Union?

All the latest surveys show the government losing seriously ground to the opposition with the conservative’s partners, the Greek socialist party, punished for all the mistakes done the last few years getting to the critical point to endanger their entrance to the parliament. Parenthetically, this is how democracy punishes. The only voters’ pool left for Mr. Samaras is the extreme right and the destruction of the Golden Dawn will leave nearly 500,000 orphans. Does that also mean that after the arrest and possible conviction of the leaders the rest will take forgiveness as long they return to the herd that much needs them now?

All these why and a few more involving on how effective justice will be since as I have mentioned before Greek justice has serious problem form the minute a lot of the dictatorship’s court martial members and their fosters run the Greek judicial system now.

As I said justice won a battle by leading those criminals to prison cells but I’m afraid democracy in Greece has a lot of way before wining fascism.


Only the photos of the Golden Dawn’s leadership in handcuffs show that they are psychotic individuals with serious psychiatric problems.  



The little Fuhrer, N. Mihaloliakos in handcuffs!


Kasidiaris, no comment here. The picture says everything.


Should the True Finns should start worry?



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Leah Sellers2013-09-30 05:38:42
Dear Brother Thanos,
Halleluiah ! And Amen, Dear Sir !

We should All Re-member that whenever the Energies of Light begin to shine forth, the Energies of Darkness will struggle to extinguish and push against the energies of Light all the more ferociously. It is up to the Harbingers and Torches of Light to maintain the Flame, carry it Forth and continue to spread its Mind, Heart and Soul Opening Rays of Illumination and Inspiration to each and every Individual, and each and every Generation.

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