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International Forum 2013 - Expectation Vs Reality
by The Ovi Team
2013-09-28 13:01:25
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International Forum 2013
Expectation Vs Reality

In conjunction with Malaysia’s “50th” anniversary, which was celebrated nationwide on September 16, 2013, the Borneo Heritage Foundation (BHF), a registered NGO under the Trustee Act, is organizing a Special International Forum in Kota Kinabalu on October 5, 2013.

This will be a prestigious academic event, a milestone in the history of local intellectual articulation of our history, current trends and direction which shouldn't be missed by all those with deep concern for our history and future. The objectives of the Forum are to re-examine Malaysia's achievements, challenges, shortcomings and failures as a Federation of Nations, and to present realistic ideas for a coherent charting of a more secure future, in the light of emerging new realities within the local, regional and global scenes. Participants can look forward to an incisive and in-depth presentations by high-profile Speakers from around the world with special interests and concerns on Malaysia. The pictures and profiles of the Speakers who have confirmed to make their presentations are on page 2. This event will be moderated by our venerable Tan Sri Simon Sipaun, the former State Secretary of Sabah.

Contrary to claims of a peaceful and smooth-sailing Malaysia, the Federation had in fact been through a troubled-ride in its half-century's existence. Even from the very outset of her formation the discussions over on the assurances of the Borneo States rights and autonomy were marked by thorny points of contentions. Barely two years later, Singapore was expelled by Malaya from the Federation without any consultation with Sabah and Sarawak. For years now voices from Sabah had been heard and echoed on numerous questions of legitimacy in the federal government's administrative legitimacy and governance involving powers of immigration, education, language and even revenue collection. Of prime importance, of course, is the fiery media exchanges with regards to Sabah's 'mother of all problems' -- the illegal immigrants. Overall, there is now an acute perception that the Federation has been operating to the unfair advantage of the Peninsular and to the grievous disadvantage of the Borneo States.

The current social, economic and political scenarios, not surprisingly, are replete with issues that demand discussions to resolve and accommodate the conflicting demands. The politics of federalism, the Sabah's demands for greater autonomy, the prevalence of the illegals, the burgeoning dominance of immigrants in the various economic sectors, the Sulu and Philippines claim over Sabah -- all combine to congeal into a sticky imbroglio that challenges every Sabahan mind for an lasting solution.

How indeed should these issues be resolved?

Can Sabah wriggle out of its entanglements which in the Sabahan minds were created by injustice and grand designs?

To find new answers and possible solutions presented in new angles outside the propaganda-tainted realm of political arguments, you need to attend this important Forum. For concerned Sabahans or Malaysians, the collection of the rare Papers alone will mean the possession a priceless set of future reference on various all-important topics that concern your future! We look forward to seeing you there.

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