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View from a Zoo
by Artie Knapp
2013-09-26 10:24:06
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In spite of finally being able to leave Moscow’s airport, it seems little has changed on the Edward J. Snowden front, as the former CIA computer specialist is still leaking information to the media.
In his latest round of revelations, Snowden informed Ovi Magazine about the details of View from a Zoo, a new children’s book by American children’s author Artie Knapp. In spite of not being slated for release until late September, Snowden informed Ovi Magazine that the fully illustrated book is about the power of reading in chronicling the escapades of Thea, an adventurous housecat. According to Snowden, at the Bronx Zoo, Thea has an epiphany about the relationship between books and the imagination that changes her sense of reality. He went on to say that young readers will learn a valuable lesson from Thea’s discovery.
Upon learning of the leak from Ovi Magazine, Knapp was clearly livid. When asked if he could say anything to Snowden, what would it be… he simply replied, “Not cool, Eddie. Not cool.”
Knapp did however, confirm that View from a Zoo will be available everywhere by late September.




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