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Golden Dawn stabbed Greece
by Thanos Kalamidas
2013-09-19 08:51:38
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Four days after my last article about the neo-Nazi and criminal organization Golden Dawn it was definitely not my intention to return with another one for the same subject. However latest events are forcing me to return. And while the last two years I repeatedly wrote about this organization pointing how dangerous it is not only for Greece but also for democracy in Europe and globally and I always wished that it will not come the time when a dead body will be the actual prove. Unfortunately since last night there is a dead young man to prove how dangerous is this criminal gang and  that it is about time to put a limit on how some can abuse democracy and freedom of speech.

It all happened in the early hours of the 18th of September; ironically in the dawn three days after the last violent hit form the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn. And coincidentally it all happened in another district of Piraeus (just like the one three days ago) in Keratsini.

Mr. Pavlos Fyssas, a known hip-hop performer who went by the stage name of Killah P. was at a café in the company of his partner and another couple where he was recognized from one of the frequenters. According to eye-witnesses while it all started with a joke about football soon escalated to a political argument. Mr. Pavlos Fyssas is known for his leftish ideology and most of his compositions are inspired by anti-racism and anti-fascism while his opponents in the café where known local members of the Golden Dawn.

Now according to eye-witnesses including Mr. Fyssas company soon after they left the café followed by a group of the Golden Dawn members all of them recognisable. Soon more added all dressed in black T-shirts with the insignia of the organization and camouflage trousers, Golden Dawn’s uniform; and soon they trapped Mr. Fyssas and his company in a crossroad blocking all exits. Again according witnesses and reports, after a telephone call a car appeared and the driver got off the car and stabbed the 34 year old at least three times on the footpath once straight in his heart. After that the perpetrator and the rest of the gang fled on foot.

The victim in a last effort before dying recognized the murderer and the police arrested the man and found the knife he used. Here there are two sides. According to the police, policemen arrived late to prevent the event and they just had time to chase the murderer and take the victim to the hospital. According to eye witnesses there were policemen in the area watching the whole thing and they did absolutely nothing. Unverified leaks have said to the media that they wouldn’t do anything because the neo-Nazi gang was well organized, well trained and too many to deal with them. No comment here!

Police has also arrested the suspect's wife for hiding weapons and Golden Dawn material and another woman for misleading the police investigation. The head of Golden Dawn's branch in the area has also been arrested for firearm offences, carrying illegally a weapon.

For the whole day Athens and all the Greek major cities have seen thousands of people demonstrating and demanding form the government to do something with the Golden Dawn. The government announced that they denounce every act of violence wherever it comes from, - and it was the dead that force them to do so since they haven’t still sad anything about the events three days ago - oddly founding that the Golden Down agreeing with a similar announcement. And to my opinion this was the second stubbing of the day and this time it was a stub in the back of the whole Greece.

Actually it was the closest political advisor of the Greek Prime Minister, Euro-MP Mr. Hrisanthos Lazaridis, known for his extreme right ideas who took over to explain with at the government says parading his dangerous ideas all day long around all the Greek national television channels and radios. Mr Lazarisdis explained that of course the government is against any form of violence and especially when there is a dead victim explaining that this “wherever the violence is coming from” means that the violence in Greece is coming form the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn and the communist SYRIZA. With that he equalized the neo-Nazi criminals with the main Greek opposition, the left alliance and the party that according to the latest surveys in the next elections will get the majority of the electoral and govern Greece.

So the Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras found that the only way to encounter the opposition that obviously will replace him in the next elections voted from over 30% of the Greeks, is to equalize them with the neo-Nazis that have committed repeatedly crimes including a murder the last few hours. And the worst part is that Mr. Samaras though his close advisor gives an alibi to the murderers for their act instead of trying to stop them.

The situation in Greece this moment is very critical not only financially – and this is something I have pointed many times from here – but socially and the government and personally Mr. Samaras following his personal opportunism, ambitions and twisted personal agendas inveigles Greece into a path with uncalculated consequences. And this is the domino effect Europe should be afraid and not the Euro-crisis because there are domino tiles ready in most of the European states and if things worsen in Greece then nothing will be able to stop them.

Democracy is not in danger because democracy has ways to prevail as the end of Hitler proved, but how many dead and tortured and for how long we are going to count till the day comes? And when you use Mr. Samaras, a crime for your opportunistic agendas then you are partner and accomplice to the crime and what will happen to Greece and the Greek people is in your hands including the blood of a dead young man.


The police and the courts continue acting unresponsively with the excuse this time that this is …a political issue! When they hit and imprison demonstrators that fight even for their rights, that is not political?


Mr. Samaras might muddle his European partners with a democratic mask but he is not new to us. The man was mentored form one of the most right wing extremist politicians in Greece, a man who tried hard to give a “democratic” alibi to the dictators during the 7 years dictatorship. He was literally kicked out of Mr. Mitsotakis conservative government when he was foreign minister in 1992 after boycotting the Prime Minister with his extreme nationalistic attitude. A fascist in a closet.

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Dr. Emanuel Paparella2013-09-23 15:24:08
Dear Thanos,
To answer your question on today’s Ovi cover (And now what?), in my opinion, the time has come to strip New Dawn of the designation “party” within a democratic system and declare it what it is: a criminal gang of thugs out to impose their view on the rest of the country. As such, the present government ought to make it illegal and promptly eject as illegitimate the 18 New Dawn representatives already in the House of representatives. A red line has been crossed and it is the line of murder parading as free speech and right to one’s opinion; it is the pernicious Machiavellian red line of "ragion di stato" of State morality as different from conventional morality.

As you correctly point out in your editorial: it is not just an individual but democracy and the county itself that has been stabbed in the back. That’s a line also crossed by Assad of Syria not to be ignored; he and all his likes ought not only not to be tolerated as so called "leaders," but ought to also be brought to the international court of justice at the Hague for crimes against humanity. Had the bullies Hitler and Mussolini been legally stopped when they began their criminal “political” activities there may not have been a World War II. What history clearly teach is that to fail to muster the courage to oppose and stop bullies right away, means that one will have to confront them later on with a much greater loss of blood and treasure. So, the question remains: will the present government of Greece muster the needed courage to declare New Dawn illegitimate, or continue the appeasement? Time will tell.

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