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The Golden Dawn is the World's Starless Midnight
by Leah Sellers
2013-09-19 08:51:51
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Clomp !  Clomp !  Clomp !  Clomp !
The Golden Dawn/KKK/Tea Partyin’ Neo-Conservatives/Etc…
Are on parade !
Hurrah !  Hurrah !
They’re proof that Neo-Nazism Fascism will never fade !
Hurrah !  Hurrah !
The Golden Dawn/KKK/Tea partying’ Neo-Conservatives/Etc…
 Are on the Move !
They’re Building up Fear !
They’re finding their Groove !
And We’ll All go marching Down
Into the Ground
Yes, they’ll Pound and they’ll Hound
The Whole World Confound !
Boom !  Boom !  Boom !
That’s right !  Yes, it is historically, hysterically repetitive and boringly Predictable.  But Humankind simply and quite complicatedly-complexly refuses to Grow-up.  To Move Forward into an Awaiting and Beckoning new Phoenix Cycle of Higher Awakenings and Consciousnesses of Illuminated Enlightenment.
Whoever said that the Past is not Important was a Fool of Cosmic proportions.  The Past - Our History, and the Ripple Effect/Affect Reverberations emanating from It (Them) is an intrinsic and intertwined (and intertwining) part of the Essential Fabric and Tapestry of the Present and the Future, whether we like it or not.  Whether we Choose to ReCognize it or not.  Extricate the Past, and you have a World forever stumbling around in the repetitive Instinctual Behaviors of an Lost Amnesiac.
“Excuse me, but do you know Who I am ?  Who We are ?  Who They, Them, Those People are ?  Friend or Foe Inquiring Minds Need to Know. And by the way, What do I do with that Cliff over the Endless Abyss up ahead ?”
Wake up, Humanity !  Stop allowing the deliberately accidental Conscious, SubConscious and UnConscious maniacally Selfish Manipulative Profiteering, Warring and Blinking Dis-tractions surrounding, desecrating and diminishing all of Our Lives to Di-vert you from the Truth of Who, What, When, Where, How and Why You Are - Your Existence to be diminished and squashed by all of the Ancient Games of Power and Control swarming around you like Mad Hornets, zipping, burning and burnt out Crashing Comets.  There is no Free Choice, Self Determinism within Them.  No matter how much they try to contrive, conjure and Lie the opposite into Being.
Fascists are Fear and Death Mongers wrapped in pretty, colorful Slogans, pretty, colorful Flags, Symbols, Music, Art and Architecture, and pretty, colorful, familiar Legends, Patriotic Stories and Mythologies that strike at our Fear-based Guts with Half-Truths and Un-Truths and Candy-Coated Arsenic Lies to gobble up and gobble down like Broken Glass.
And still while slowly dis-appearing and dying within their venomous Conjurings and Machinations, We All are Attentive to Them - March to Them - are Twisted Around and Poisoned by Them - Mangle, Murder and Seek to Obliterate The Other for Them.  And in Doing so, and Being so, We All Obliterate Our very Selves.
It’s an Ancient Dance of Self and Other Loathing - Self and Other Destruction.  We All try to make it Glorious, and Noble and Beautiful, but It Is what It Is, and that’s all that It Is.  Same old Danse Macabre.  Same ole Crazy Sing and Scream along under Starless Skies of Midnight.
Hiel !  Hiel !  Hiel !
Clomp !  Clomp !  Clomp !
Golden Dawn !  KKK !  Tea Partyin’ Neo-Conservative - Government Destroying, Nihilistic Obstructionists !
NRA !  NRA !  Ratta-tat-tat-Ratta-tat-tat-Ratta-tat-tat
Elitism !  Corporatism !  Greedism !  Bankerism !
Hubris !  Avarice !  Insatiable Power Seeking and Sucking !
Bigotry !  Sexism !  Classism !  Racism !
Immigrants !  Refugees !  The Shiftless Poor and their Poverty !
The UnHealthy Ill and their Costly UnHealthy HealthCare !
Hungry and Needy Children and their Families !
Low Waged Worker Bees and the Lazy, No Account Homeless !  The Jobless !
Those Muslims !  Those Jews !  Those Christians !  Those Buddhists !  Those Hindu !  Those Sunni !  Those Shiites !  Those Gypsies !  Those Bohemians !  Those Blacks !  Those Whites !  Those Redskins !  Those Brown-skins !  Those Yellow-skins ! Those…..Those….Those…..!
And We’ll All go marching Down
Into the Ground
Yes, they’ll Pound and they’ll Hound !
The Whole World Confound !
Boom !  Boom !  Boom !
It’s Time for a New and Brighter Sunlit and Starlit World’s
Song-and-Dance !

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