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America's Not Suitin' Putin
by Leah Sellers
2013-09-15 11:42:57
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According to an New York Times Op-Ed, America is Perceived to be an International, quick trigger, shoot-before-you-”go figure (figger) Bully.
He’s got a Stick with a Pointy Point.  But, Sir, beg your pardon, but that’s the Pot callin’ the Kettle black (so to speak).
Please, let’s All Re-member that these historical and hysterically crazy Wars and Rumors of Wars have been proliferated and conflagrated primarily by Profiteers (locally, nationally and internationally) pullin’ and yankin’ the sticky strings and rusty chains of EveryOne and EveryBody involved locally, nationally and internationally.
We Live in a World of  Self and Other Perpetuating Conundrums.  A World of one Local, National and International Greedy Profiteering Machination after another.
However, Folks around the World are Communicating with one another now.  Not just the Hired (Bought)-in, Voted-in or Dictatorially or Militarily Bully-Boyed-in Leaders of the World.  But All the Peoples of the World are Communicating with one another, Sir.  So, we’re going to be more difficult to Hoodwink and Manipulate (some of us at least).
Sir, Hopefully budding and spreading Worldwide Social Democracies of greater Self Determination are important to you.  Hopefully, the Word God , and the Moral and Ethical Codes, Ethics and Ideals that Universally Sacred Word Embodies has meaning to you.
Hopefully, you have and are Changing, Sir.  And wanting to bring about a World of Peace, Fairness, Justice, Inclusion, Harmony, Equal Opportunity, and Self Determination in all of their Shapes and Forms, as President Obama and those of his ilk are, Sir.  And not just Seeking Self Aggrandizement upon the World Stage.
Sir, do not mis-take President Obama as a weak Leader.
In Nature, the Force of a River flows primarily in the Same Direction.  But it is Fluid as it pivots and twists around and over this rock or that sand bar or any other number of seen and unseen Obstacles.
The Force of President Obama’s Will is headed, for the most part, in One Direction, but like the Great American Mississippi River he Works and Weaves as a Force of Nature.  He is not a Bull in a Syrian-Russian-Middle Eastern-Worldwide China Cabinet.
Sir, the World is Changing - Evolving, and like it or not the People’s of the World are Needing more Enlightened, Thoughtful, Wise, Less Selfish and Loving Leaders to help Guide the World’s Peoples toward and into the more productive and constructive Self Determinative Individual and Systemic Changes we’re All yearning to Evolve and Grow into.

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