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Tolerance in respect
by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-11-17 08:26:36
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Thirty thousand children die everyday on this planet from reasons that sound unbelievable. From lack of water to domestic violence, and still we have the tolerance to wait for somebody to do something. Hundreds of people die everyday in wars all around the globe, but we show tolerance and wait for the power that will stop them. Habitats continually disappear from this once beautiful planet every minute, without anybody thinking about environmental preservation, and we wait for the day somebody will have the power to say the truth, but, until then, we will show tolerance.

Apparently, tolerance has become a habit, a second nature. We watch a documentary of another forest disappearing and another animal becoming a museum exhibit, and we cannot react anymore. We are watching kids die on the news and the only thing we do is…change channel. That’s our tolerance nowadays. Our interest holds as long the news is on and then disappears in the tolerance of fast food adverts and the new soaps that keep our mind asleep. Our diet demands from us to stop eating junk-food and start having more salad, while there kids on this planet die because they don’t have clean water. Actually 30,000 kids. This is our tolerance.

We read in the paper that the neighbor kid that had been continually crying for the last three days is dead after being beaten to death and we never did anything; why get involved? Let them sort out their own problems. That’s tolerance!

Of course, there is the other side, tolerance towards the other's beliefs and needs, but somehow I always thought that this is respect. I respect other's religious beliefs, I respect their cultural differences, I respect their needs and wants, but thirty thousand kids dying every single day has become something we don’t even hear anymore - to me that is tolerance.

It seems that in our need for political correctness, words to baptize new motions are losing their actual meaning. Since when did we start confusing the meaning of the word 'respect' with the word 'tolerance'? Why do I tolerate other people’s beliefs? That leaves a huge gap, I tolerate because I’m planning to change it? I’m tolerating a bad war because I’m expecting to win? If I respected the others, why do I need to tolerate?

I’m sorry, of course I found the chance to talk about it because there is the day for tolerance, but personally I’m losing my tolerance. I’m losing my tolerance for people that can not respect the different. I’m losing my tolerance for people who cannot respect that other people have a different religion and I’m losing my tolerance that people cannot respect other's culture.

I’m losing my tolerance towards all this tolerance of the pauperization of our society; I’m losing my tolerance towards this languid life that lets thirty thousand kids die, while my biggest problem should be how many calories I eat per day. I’m losing my tolerance towards people who ask me to be tolerant while fellow humans die from a simple lack of water, from wars and from living homeless and penniless without any help or care. I’m losing my tolerance when I see that life, instead of getting better, reminds me more and more of the Middle Ages.

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