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What is left, vengeful & paranoid?
by Thanos Kalamidas
2013-09-11 10:33:30
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What really ran in John Kerry’s mind the moment the Russian foreign secretary came with his suggestion about the Syrian chemicals is something I’m afraid nobody will ever know. Nobody will also ever know if it was coincidence, a setup or very intelligent diplomacy from Sergei Lavrov. Actually there are as many sides and views of the incident as many people read about it. Still the fact is that out of the blue there was a way-out, a very diplomatic way-out that would include at last the UN, of a very dangerous deadlock. And as a side thing, Russia after long time managed to have a diplomatic victory over USA but that’s another story.

And that was a golden chance till the moment geopolitics and agendas starting spinning around like demonized and the French came with a new idea of how to create new ultimatums. So here we are, twelve years after the hit on the Twin Towers, the mark in history that changed modern world – at least to my opinion –and for one more time the last decade the clock of another war is ticking.

Twelve years after that dark morning of 2001, USA looks deep in introversion in the middle of a war without visual enemies and with a president elected for his pacifist stand even before the beginning of the Iraqi invasion when everybody against was enemy. The outcome of that hit is multiple and has been analyzed too many times the last decade and they don’t stop with the 2,996 dead, all the dead in Afghanistan and Iraq or the rest of the victims in later hits in UK and Spain. Actually side effects are more painful with longer term consequences. From the damage in human rights to the legitimacy of the only institution that could guard international peace and at least a ground for negotiation the damages expand in too many levels.

The same time – and at least the way it looks from this side of the ocean – while in the beginning Americans shown a united front with international support very fast became a paranoid trigger loving war hawk ready to jump with every chance into another run against the …enemies. And this paranoia has created many enemies. Perhaps today USA considers France the old and loyal ally but just five years ago the Americans changed even the name of the French fries just to punish their old and loyal allies because they didn’t want to follow them into an invasion and has made tem think yesterday’s loyal allies, the Brits, as cowards. And all that while unfortunately succeeded to remove a dictator but actually failed in its main target, terrorism.  

And on the way to hit terrorism unity started trebling while paranoia thrived. And this paranoia is what has become a trap for a pacifist president and the reason for sceptism and doubt from allies all around the world. All of them are looking numb the trigger happy and paranoid superpower waiting for the next move.

And perhaps I’m becoming very cynic but if it was just the photos of dead kids that motivates all this commotion that might lead to an invasion and a war then why we missed thousands of photos the last decades of dead kids all around the world. If the Americans and the allies were feeling so strong about dead kids then it shouldn’t be an African, an Asian or a South American country the last few decades that shouldn’t have invaded and dictators or regimes that wouldn’t have been removed. So

It is not the photos of the dead kids that motivates a pacifist president, after all there are thousands dead kids everyday from bullets, bomb shells and human violence a number that dwarfs the number of dead kids from chemicals every decade.

So it must the heavy shadow of the Twin Towers. The very same shadow that united the Americans in the beginning. Does that mean revenge? So we have a vengeful, paranoid, trigger loving superpower led by a pacifist president? And here we are talking about a superpower with chemicals, with nuclear, with space power. Scary.

Sadly and twelve years after the hit on the Twin Towers that united first the Americans and then the whole world there is a new question rising, what’s going on with the superpower and how a pacifist president can hold and survive this paranoia for the good of all of us?

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Leah Sellers2013-09-11 21:52:59
Well analyzed and expressed, Brother Thanos.
Thank you

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