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The G of what? ...neglect or poverty
by Thanos Kalamidas
2013-09-06 12:16:47
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Last month I was in the audience of a conference organized by an NGO. In the end of the introduction and in the questions part, one of the participants asked the speaker: Why there are so many NGO internationally with exactly the same cause and why even though there are so many, there are so many conferences, international summits, seminars all around the world, all of them organized for the same issue but from different NGO it seems that nothing moves regarding the issue that these NGOs aim.

Of course the speaker answered avoiding the subject in the most political way. First he praised all those NGO – actually he even named some with only difference between them the way they put the words that represent their name – he thanked them for their role and fight for the cause and finally he said that one day they will succeed. And that was it. He didn’t answer why there are so many NGOs with similar names, exactly the same causes, most of the time exactly the same funders and working in exactly the same fields.

In the meantime the last hours in St. Petersburg the G20, the giants of the economics and puppeteers of geopolitics meet and agree from how to enforce more taxes, control economic growth and cast consumerism, they make plans and lay blueprint of how much we must earn and how much they must profit plus decided who’s next to be invaded and all that united. The Giant20 united for the future of this globe.

And perhaps their economic globalization had some setbacks, especially lately with the crisis in Europe and the German Chancellor’s stubbornness, but there is another kind of globalization, a side effect of this economic unity, that takes gigantic dimensions. The globalization of the poverty.

g20_01_400The G20 meet and supposedly one of their main issues is tax avoidance. So they will try to coordinate laws, security instalments, law enforcements and banking systems with one and only aim, to get the terrorists of the taxes avoidance. This sounds so schizophrenic. The last two years two major members of the G8, G12, G20, USA and UK have gone into a battle, obviously in vein, with two mega-international private companies trying to get the taxes they should pay. Apple and Starbucks. In vein because in both cases, both government have been lost into a labyrinth of offshore companies based in tax-heavens all around the world where they pay most of the time no taxes. The schizophrenic about this is that it is the very same system that created these offshore heavens and oddly it created them even in the core of the system. Europe is blaming the Caiman islands and I don’t know what other paradise island while the real heaven for an offshore company is just round the corner ion the core of the European Union, Luxembourg.

It is only a couple months ago when Cyprus crashed and nearly bankrupted partly because of the war her economic and banking system was facing the last two decades. The main problem was that Cyprus has been an economic heaven with an uncontrolled banking system that offered secrecy to investors and depositor plus international competitive high rates for the investors and the depositors. But the best part came while a nation was diving in the depths of an economic catastrophe leaving hundreds of unemployed behind and destroying financially its citizens and that in full menace form the otherwise in solidarity partners form the EU. German, British, French and of course Luxembourgian banks started a campaign to attract all those who had deposits or invest in the Cyprus banking system promising lower taxes and secrecy. The hypocrisy in its highest where the economic growth and economic solidarity is limited in the G8, G12 or G20.

The truth is that there is no campaign to stop tax avoidance but a very strong campaign to control tax avoidance. That’s the real agenda. After all while another European a full solidarity member of the European Union faces the disaster of over 36% unemployment and unaccounted number of homeless the last two years the G8, G12, G20 cared only of how to fund the banks. How to fund the ones who are part of the problem to continue making the same mistakes. That’s the schizophrenic.

Of course the G20 have to deal with another major economic problem that will lead to the global peace and prosperity. Syria. The problem with Syria is Iraq whatever they say. Assad might be the anti-Christ, the Satan and the new Hitler on earth the same time. But Iraq gave the blueprint of a failure with unaccountable yet results. Lies and set ups intentionally spin to disgrace the United Nations, to insult international laws, with accountable tens of dead ally soldiers and unaccountable thousands of Iraqi civilians; a country in the edges of a civil war ten years after the invasion and crimes including torture and prison camps that embarrass humanity. On top of that the only ones that it seems that have won something from that war are the ….real enemies and the reason – or perhaps the excuse - all that happened.

In the meantime and while the G20 try to agree in ways to improve their profits, their tax escapees and the cash flow, kids are dying. 30,000 kids every single day. But it seems that these kids don’t have bank accounts or consumer power so …who cares! And is not only the kids. Water is one of the biggest issues internationally, especially under the environmental crisis and the climate change. But water is an issue for the G8, G12, G20 only when it comes to privatization of the national water companies and nothing more. Trafficking is a huge problem and especially now when there is a new addition to sex trafficking, kids trafficking, slaves trafficking. Now we have human organs trafficking as well. Over 2,000,000 kids disappear every year form their houses – 800,000 only in USA – and this number is not sure and under investigation since there are a lot of places any account is impossible.

So while 30,000 kids die every single day, victims of war, lack of water or food, no medical protection and crimes there are and another 5,000 that disappear every single day victims most likely of human violence. And since they have not consumer power they never become an issue for the G20s of the St. Petersburg.

And what is the last hope of those children? NGOs, organizations and institutions. Their only defence bulwark. And while the G8, G12 and G20s exhibit the total unity to secure their aims and profits, the NGOs, the organizations and the institutes are lost in their labyrinth of lobbying, funding and meeting. In the mean time 30,000 kids die every single day, victims of war, lack of water or food, no medical protection and crimes and there are another 5,000 kids that disappear every single day victims most likely of human violence.

For now the only thing that has been successfully globalized is poverty, isn’t it time to succeed uniting the defence mechanisms for those who live in poverty and violence globally?

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