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by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-11-13 10:09:27
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German Neo-Nazis, some shouting "Sieg Heil," rampaged in the eastern city of Frankfurt on Oder and destroyed wreaths placed to mark the anniversary of the 1938 Nazi pogrom against the Jews, police said on Friday.

What? A tribute to resigned Donald Rumsfeld?


The US has vetoed a UN Security Council resolution condemning an Israeli attack in Gaza that killed 18 civilians, including women and children.

Now we know George didn’t get the message from the mid-term elections; he just continues working hard on making enemies.


Former French rugby captain Marc Cecillon has been sentenced to 20 years in jail for murdering his wife.

O. J. Simpson was his hero?


Al-Qaida in Iraq claimed in a new audio tape on Friday to have mobilized 12,000 fighters in the war-torn country.

How did they mobilize them? With a detonator?


Champion figure skater Michelle Kwan, the 26-year-old five-time World Champion, has been appointed as the United States' first-ever American public diplomacy envoy.

American politics are really on thin ice!!!


Military service, particularly in the Gulf War, may be linked to development of Lou Gehrig's disease, the Institute of Medicine said Friday. The evidence, however, is limited and inconsistent, the Institute said.

I’m not sure about Lou Gehrig's disease, but I have the feeling that it is lethal!


Pop star Kylie Minogue has taken to the stage in Sydney wearing a pink feather head-dress for her first concert since being treated for breast cancer.

Would you say that she…rocks?


People across the UK and USA have been remembering war dead, as a two-minute silence to mark Armistice Day began a weekend of events.

Do they remember the innocent killed in Iraq as well? It seems that there is no count for them!!!


A Roman Catholic nun has been sentenced to 30 years for helping militia kill hundreds of people hiding in a hospital during Rwanda's 1994 genocide, an official said Friday.

What? Did she bless them?


A multimillion dollar plan to help sub-Saharan African countries is being formulated by British diplomats.

Really? Are they going to create a committee as well to study the solution as well? What’s the matter, are they dreaming of a ministerial job?


A campaign aims to make 18 to 24-year-olds think of condoms as 'essential wear' when they go out for a night.

I didn’t know that kids in Africa go clubbing every night. Whole nations disappear and they are still talking about condoms!!!


I still miss Berlusconi!!!


Britney Spears getting divorce!!!

Gosh, and I was wondering why the UN holds meetings so often lately!!!


India's army has ruled out a compromise with Pakistan over the disputed Siachen glacier, days before a new round of talks between the two countries.

A spokesman said India was in a position of strength in the glacier.

So it was a case of position and not a case of peace!!!


California's Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has called for reform of US immigration laws to bring more Mexicans into the country legally.

Is it about time for the Terminator to call Rambo?


Did you read issue 17 of the Ovi magazine?

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Asa2006-11-12 10:21:47
"Al-Qaida in Iraq claimed in a new audio tape" - don't they have access to mp3 or other digital recording yet?

Ergotelina2006-11-12 14:33:20
Myspace awaits for them


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