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It's Vacation Time ! Let's Close All of the Threatened Embassies !
by Leah Sellers
2013-08-18 12:16:52
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That’s right ! The Folks who Work (of course, we’re using that Word loosely, very loosely for most of Them) in Washington D.C.’s Executive and Legislative Branches are Advising that we close several Foreign Embassies Down.
It’s important for Us Ruling Gentry to not have our Vacations - our Golf Games interrupted by worrisome Emergency Calls for “Help !” that will demand our immediate attention, and force us out of our well deserved
Time Off (even though we are one of the Nation’s most “Do Nothing” Congresses).
Nope, we learned our Lessons from Benghazi. Law suits - Multitudinous Litigations and unfounded Accusations tainting Reputations - Money Hungry lawyers fighting over their Pieces of the Red Meat - Legislators using the Deaths of our Fellow Americans (deaths caused by and brought about by Foreign Terrorists) as pungent fodder at Home to help their Power-Mongering Agendas, Careers and Ambitions by tearing down the two men the Ragin’ Red Republicans Fear, Hate and Scapegoat the most - President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder.
So, Benghazi is twisted and turned into a National Sin and Shortcoming instead of Everyone Sensibly Understanding that the Embassy was Right to stay Open - to Stand Strong in the midst of the all too common and too frequent threats from Middle Eastern Terrorists, who want Us out of their Countries - their Homes, so that they can Create and Build their own Futures in their own Cultural Images - not Ours.
If they decide to BeCome Democratic/Socialistic/Republics - those Entities will Be a Reflection and Construct of their National Cultural Personality and Character - not Ours.
Allowances for Differences, and Open Communication amongst those Differences are Vital for EveryOne’s Benefited and Beneficially Forward Moving Futures.
But why should other countries Respect Our American Democratic Republic, when the Mega-Banks, Mega Corporations and Elitists are heave-hoing and pushing to Win the Day by aggressively Money- Backing and Broken- Backing the Congressional and Judicial leaders (primarily Red Ragin’ Republicans), who enjoy their Monopoly Money and Free Gifts with sticky strings attached, and the Personal Power these Moneyed (and already Highly Empowered Folks) can Buy them ? Most of whom, came to Washington D. C. to Obstruct, Sabotage and De-stroy Functional Government for their Global Feudal Mega-Bank, Mega-Corporation and Elitist Masters and Mistresses (who have already drawn up, and in some cases bought up, and claimed their Future Pieces and Territories of the World’s Pie, and their Manipulated, Re-actionary, Fear-based Constituents. Oh me, Oh My !
They want to Manipulate and Bait We the People/Sheeple with the Fear Monger Boogie, Low Paying Jobs in an ever increasingly Inflationary World (of their Making and Shaking, because We the People/Sheeple allow it), Economic Disparities, Daily Survival Desperations and Constantly Behavior Modifying Orchestrated Crises.
When they’re ready - after closing the majority of Our North African and Middle Eastern/Asian Embassies because it’s all part of the Covert Plan (Hmmm, maybe), and because it feeds into their selfish self serving desires to Not Be Bothered while Vacationing and Golfing, And because they want to keep We the People clumsily off-footed and Fearfully Worrying about a possible National Terrorist Attack, because of the signal given off by all of the sudden (or so we’re told) Embassy Closings.
We are not a Nation of Stupid Cowards. We’re simply a Complacent Nation who had our priorities Right (?). Vacations and Golfing come First. Personal Avarice, Bribes, Realized Dreams of Power, and Nullified National Power and the Cumulative Effects/Affects of Negative Machinations and Energies come First.
After all, it’s not as though we’re really getting anything done in Washington D.C., and for the Nation as a Whole, anyway. We’re simply too busy Tearing things apart, and dangerously trying to constipate the Country.
The Ragin’ Red Republicans (and some Democrats) want to be infamous for the Number the Laws of the Land they Repeal - not Constructing and Activating Holistically Healing and Innovatively Stimulating Laws of the Land for the Common Good of the All Americans.
‘You’re only as Strong as your Weakest Link‘. So, they intend to Starve to Death and Bottom Out the Weakest Links. Just Lop ’em off ! It takes a lot less Energy, Vacation and Golfing Time to Do that, than it does to Create and Invent Laws of the Land and Political Actions and Programs which will
Simultaneously ’Lift All Boats’ - Strengthen the ‘Weakest Among Us’ , as well as the insatiable Predatory Strong.
So, close the Embassies Down ! Shut the Government Down ! Destroy all Roads and Avenues to ObamaCare and Jobs Programs, because we do not want an eventual Single Payer HealthCare System that would Give EveryOne the Right and Access to Being Healthy and more Productive Citizens, and Human Beings.
Nor do we want this President and the Democratic Party to be able to Help the Economy by removing the Stupid and Devastating Sequester, and creating more Job Growth, and thusly, further Economic Growth.
America must be brought Down, in order for us Red Ragin’ Republicans to be Lifted Up (and satisfyingly Paid-off for all of our Non-Efforts and Non-Productive Non-Work).
Who Cares about successfully Role Modeling what a Healthy Democratic Republic Can and Should Be to the rest of the on looking World ?
We, Obstructors (Hired Demolition-Men and Demolition-Women) are Not-Working, Vacationing and Golfing really hard to prove that Functionally Working Democratic Republics are the Nemesis of the so called Free Trade (actually Slave Trade) wheelin’-dealin’ and stealin’ Mega-Banks, Mega- Corporations and Elitists.
Actually, We Obstructionists intend to stay on Vacation and the Golf Course Psychically (and as often as we can, Physically), as We All putter along toward the Great Future Mega-Banks, Mega-Corporations, Elitists Feudalistic Empires beckoning and sinking Hole-in-One (or is that a Birdy ?).  Maybe we should ask the NSA ?  Surely they have a digital image of the Game somewhere - in some Citizen's phone - or computer - or t.v. set - or sidewalk or roadway Eye-Spy Camera's All Knowing, All Seeing Myopic Eye ?

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