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Globalize poverty globalizes fascism
by Thanos Kalamidas
2013-08-09 11:13:35
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The last few days and for one more time another member of the British Ukip – this time an EMP – Godfrey Bloom, provoked and challenged everybody with his xenophobic and racist remarks. A few days ago the man was recorded calling for an end to foreign aid going to "bongo bongo land" including in this bongo bongo land any country from Europe to Asia and Africa that doesn’t fulfil his stereotypes.

Sadly the British EMP excusing himself said that he didn’t say anything more than what the people say in the streets. Oddly, how many times Hitler and his cronies used exactly the same excuse more than 60 years ago. However the conversation where the money go and if the states should help poorer states is a long conversation and not the right place to do. My believe is that everything has to do with spinning information and education. Having failed a global economy and definitely having succeeded in global poverty the richer countries are oblige3d to help the poorer and not just for philanthropist reasons but out of pure obligation to humanity.

But reading his remarks and his long explanations the last few days I started wandering if he includes Greece in this bongo-bongo lands or he has another name for the Greeks. Like the crash-crash land from the sound the plates do when they break on the floor. For more than three decades I live abroad very few people remembered democracy, Aristotle and the great Alexander when it came to my roots. Most of them made references to lazy people sleeping in the sun all day long and breaking plates during the evening shouting “opa”. Some made more insulting remarks and some enjoyed harassing and bulling me.

The last three years things have turned even worst. Now the majority asks me when I will decide to pay my taxes, and why I came to their country to live on their benefits. Which already remarks that I’m a lazy Greek who came here not to work but enjoy their money lying lazily on my sofa drinking beer. Parenthetically most of the Greeks I know or have met in Scandinavia, are hard working family people while I have met hundreds of Scandinavians lying lazily on their paid form the state sofas, in their paid from the state houses drinking beer and watching big brother! Actually some have expressed their life ambition to become like that. Still, I am the one who’s coming form the bongo-bongo crash-crash land.

The financial situation in Greece this moment is bad. Really bad, especially for a country in a Union and a continent that prides solidarity and fight against poverty. More than a third of the population is unemployed while more than the two thirds live in the limits of poverty sometimes lacking even the necessary including electricity, settler and bread or milk. The sight of homeless in the streets of Athens and under Acropolis is beyond devastating and the reports for kids fainting in school-classes from hunger heartbreaking. The orphanages are full not with kids that lost their parents but from kids that their parents could not feed them. The bongo-bongo crash-crash land.

The Greek Prime-minster and his allies in Merkel’s European Union talk about a coming success story but these people definitely live in their own the bongo-bongo dimension far from reality.

And then there are the Godfrey Blooms of Greece. A Greece under these circumstances, when I doubt if there is any Greek anywhere in this world who hasn’t felt even for a little the stereotypes of the bongo-bongo crack-crack land overwhelming his or her dignity. They are marching in the streets in their black t-shirts with the swastikas and the skull; they call themselves ironically Security Battalions just as if the Nazi’s pride army and they have one main objective. Threaten, harass, bully and occasionally beat immigrants and force them to go back to their … bongo-bongo land. The representatives of the crash-crash land.

But what is this contagious sickness that seems to spread all around Europe the last few years. There were always fascist minorities in Europe but they always were the trouble making minority the society could handle without much trouble. Nowadays the xenophobic crypto-fascists True Finns are the third party in Finland with strong ambitions to become government after the next elections. The Greek neo-Nazi Golden Down tries to dominate with violence the Greek streets and they have brought their gangster criminal attitude4s into the Greek parliament. The British National Front and the Ukip have become more provocative than ever. The French National Front with Mari Le Pen in the front has unleashed thirsty dog of blood in the streets of Paris and even though illegal the German neo-Nazis train serial killers with kebab victims. All of them in a link with common policies and practices that would make mafia definitely jealous.

So this is it? In the years of globalized poverty Europe managed to unite the neo-Nazis and the fascists?

Actually this is not only a European problem but also a global problem. Doesn’t matter the veil and the excuse they are using, they are fascists. And there are plenty of veils globally. The religious veil, the police veil, the cultural veil. One after the other the excuses are all there. In USA a black president became the excuse and the veil to surface the darkest and the most evil side of the country. Suddenly KKK is active in the net and supremacists parade in the centre of cities carrying weapons. And if the American fascists use white capes to hind their true faces in other places they use clerical capes to hind their true faces. And they cover every single religion, every single faith and believe.

So in the years of globalized poverty we also globalized fascism, xenophobia and racism? And since they are all in the same sentence don’t you think there is a connection? Would elimination of poverty, increase of education and information would eliminate fascism, xenophobia and racism?

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