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True conspiratorially hidden
by Thanos Kalamidas
2013-08-02 10:17:35
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I never really understood what differences my mail with my e-mail and my land line with my mobile. As a principal both do the same job, both have the same principals, both are strictly personal and private. Still it seems that for the state that is there to protect my personal belongings and my privacy there is a huge difference.

While, the state, the police, justice or anybody else in any democratic country all around the world if they want to read my post or listen to my telephone calls they need special permission from the legal authorities with very good reasoning at hand and endangering that I can return to them with an indictment that will cause them a lot of harm always rising the issue of my human rights the very same state can read all my mails and listen to all my mobile calls without any permission or legal cause. They have to excuse absolutely nothing. And the worst part is that I can do absolutely nothing to protect myself, to protect my human rights.

Do you know what is the most amazing of all? They do it because they can. If they open my post I will find it out and then I will go after them legally and if they don’t have a very good reason for doing soon I will be able to embarrass them and even ask for compensation. But in this case we have to do with solid material. Paper and envelop. Somebody needs to open the envelop, unfold the letter and leave fingerprints all around. In e-mails there is no envelop, no paper, no fingerprints. Everything lives in this cloud of the virtual world.

The same with the land-lines and the mobile telephones. While telephones are tied to wires, mobiles are connected through satellites. Another cloud of virtual waves. Another case where you don’t need the expert’s fingerprints. You just listen to the radio waves. And in the middle my privacy unprotected from the ones who are responsible for my protection.

The last few weeks more and more documents coming from Edward Snowden unveiling that behind all the conspiracy theories there is some true conspiratorially hidden and I’m afraid Snowden’s exposure is just the peak of an iceberg. Because, you see it is not only my government that violates my privacy, my personal post, my house is my castle and all these, according to Snowden’s leaks it is also the American government that visits my private post and calls every so often. Why? Because they can!

And yes the Americans need not to worry as the American president reinsured them, no American secret agency is listening their calls and read their post but what about the British secret service? They also can. And then like good allies they can exchange information on what I ate last night or what I write to my friends.

And since this seems to be just the beginning of what only Mr. Edward Snowden had access to what about other parts of my personal life or tools I use. What about my appointment calendar in my computer, my address book and my very personal thought I occasionally keep in a file in my computer.

And yes the American NSA was listening to the German chancellor Angela Merkel’s telephone calls and most likely they were reading all her mails but who told them that the German Bundesnachrichtendienst didn’t have an ear and an eye inside the oval office? For no other reason but because …they can!

Do you know what the worst thing Edward Snowden did was? He made conspiracy theories reality. And that is scary because what else is true of all these conspiracy theories we hear every so often? Have aliens visited us or there is a chip in every one of us reporting everything we do or think. And of course these things are madness and no way real but then again would you ever believe that the countries that have accused dictators and foes from Iraq to North Korea and from Cuba to Venezuela for violating their people’s right for free speech and expression, for watching and eavesdropping every single aspect of their lives treating them like suspects and criminals with no reasoning would do the same to their own citizens? The last two decades only we nearly had twice a third world war for the same exactly reasons, why would they do that to their own people? Because now ...they can!

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Leah Sellers2013-08-02 15:06:40
Well said, Dear Thanos !
We all now Live within SpyLand - Conspiracies wrapped within Con-spiracies.

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