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Did the Republicans lose?
by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-11-11 09:51:16
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Reading the headlines about the celebrations in the offices of the Democratic Party all around the USA, I was thrilled that they missed something: the Democratic Party didn’t win, George W. Bush lost.

The Democrats have already taken the House of Representatives, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has resigned and what was missing was the Senate, where the battle was continuing until early Thursday morning when Democrat Jim Webb was declared the victor in the State of Virginia. At the same time, George W. Bush announced Robert Gates as the replacement for Mr. Rumsfeld pointing out that perhaps it is time, in cooperation of course with the new strong opposition, to reconsider the US position in Iraq.

I’m not an American citizen, which means that I couldn’t vote. Unfortunately, from the other side, I am a citizen of this world and, since the USA is a superpower that dominates international politics and any change in USA influences change across the globe, I feel I have the right to an opinion. Furthermore, I always felt from the very beginning of George W. Bush's candidacy that the whole world was moving into a very dangerous era, even though the Democrat candidate in the last elections couldn’t inspire anybody.

Eight years into this Bush era it seems that the whole world feels that it is about time to bring an end and the only hope presented was that the Democrats will win. But before we get to the elections in two years, we must see what happened in these mid-term elections. The Democrats won in both houses, Congress and the House of Representatives. The Democrats now have two years to organize their final strike before the presidential elections, which is not much time knowing American politics, since they have to first choose the right leader to lead them.

Hillary seems as though she will be one of the candidates, but she’s not the only one and carrying the name Clinton has its good and bad side. These elections, just like the last ones, depend a great deal on the undecided voters, which are not necessarily Republican or Democrat, but just have memories of Clinton's era; they are not all happy from that period and it was not only the sex scandal, but the failure in economics, especially his last three years.

Not that George Bush did any better; but still people remember. So this is going to be a dogfight with each candidate after the throat of the other. If this is a long battle, it will cost the Democrats highly.

From the other side of the hill, George W. Bush seems to make some right moves towards the elections; you see, the Republican Party also has a dogfight on their hands. Who’s going to replace George? Condoleezza Rice seems to be the total star and George helps her all the way, even by appointing Mr. Robert Gates as the Defense Secretary.

Eight years ago George W. Bush surprised everybody by appointing an Afro-American as the State Secretary for the first time of the US history. This is a policy he is obviously going to continue by appointing Mrs. Rice as his successor, the first Afro American female president of the United States of America seems like every Democrat’s dream, but is coming from the Republicans.

The first move was to put on the one side the old hawks and use them as the scapegoat, and this includes the Vice-President, who follows Rumsfeld into the shadows of American politics. Next you appoint somebody from Mrs. Rice's circle to replace the hawk, and finally he calls the Democratic Party telling them, "If you want to retreat from Iraq, come and share responsibility, don’t be just words." This reminder is especially for Hillary, who also agreed when the time came to decide on the invasion.

Tricky, but as I can see it, the Democrats never won, the Republicans didn’t lose and the only one who lost is George W. Bush, but in the end…who cares? He has no right to be a candidate another time and he’s going home one way or another. I just hope the Democrats can see that because two years is not much time at all!

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