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Why it took a death?
by Thanos Kalamidas
2013-07-12 10:37:06
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A few days ago the French government took a monumental decision. With a decision officially announced last Wednesday three far-right groups disbanded and that one month after a young activist died from injuries after barbaric beating.

The groups which went under the names, the /third Way, the Revolutionary Nationalist Youth and the Dare of Dream don’t exist anymore. At least in the lists of unions, clubs, organizations of France. But did they really cease or it was just the name and perhaps the t-shirts that disappeared from the French streets, replaced from others with different names, different symbols but all of them the same.

Europe has changed the last decade and has changed dramatically. The reasons are many and economy is just the pretext. Economy and recession gave the “political correct” excuses and a field of brains ready to brainwashed. Fascism was not the naïve sleeper that woke up into a monster; fascism was always there we just pretended that we couldn’t see it. France didn’t discover anti-Semitism when Le Pen started his sentential against the socialist society that had destroyed France, anti-Semitism was in France far before the Nazis took Paris.

And in Germany the Nazis were carefully hiding for decades oddly even among the civil servants. After all while the east Germans were building the wall the west Germans were building the anti-communism boarders, the last defence line. And by communism as semantics wants it gradually the whole west identifies anything that was political different to the popular conservative attitude and the contemporary political taboos. Even the green in their beginning were baptised communists in Germany first and then the whole Europe later.

Remember the days with the prospect of Mitterrand winning the French presidency? people in France started selling their houses and moving money to Swiss banks. Mitterrand was a communist for them. But what was different then for the “far-right” was fear. Auschwitz was not a far away memory from history books, and the Nazi occupation is Paris was an alive memory. Or anybody thinks that all these collaborators and traitors, the informers and the rats had miraculously disappeared? That they found the truth one night and after that they thought that every body has the right to live and speak free?

But to be a fascist a few decades ago it was a stigma. A social stigma because the memories had faces and these faces was everywhere, in the neighbourhood, at work, in their houses. So they were hiding. Not in the forest and unknown islands but under the settler mainstream parties gave them in exchange for their vote. Most of them new how the system works better than the newcomers, after all they had created the system so civil service became another settler for them. Security forces and army was their expertise, were they mastered the art. But they didn’t speak because the stigma was still there.

And if you think that for the Germans was natural and for the French possible, what about the British. Back in 1980s the National Front gave a series of exhibitions of its power ignoring the stigma. It just happened that the society was not ready for them yet. Fear had won again and they covered themselves into mainstream clubs and parties. Margaret was always ready to give settler to good old anti-communists. After all that period Maggie’s Britain was the headquarters of the anti-communist defence.

And the 21st century came and Hitler had died nearly 60 years ago. The last alive memories were like dinosaurs and their memories like the lord of the rings. A boring history lesson you have to read and pass the year in secondary school. fascism evoluted and became Euro-scepticism and the national front in Britain, the Front National in France, Lega Nord in Italy, Golden Down in Greece, the True Finns in Finland, the Party of Freedom in Holland, Jobbik in Hungary. And more and more in every single European state.

What is common between all of them? Anti-Europe, anti-immigrant, anti-liberal policies. And behind these “political correct” words they hide nationalism, chauvinism, xenophobia and racism. all of them arrogant and systematic liars. All of them acknowledge that they are going to use every method to get to the total power. Even veil their actions with “liberal” attitude. Mari Le Pen the best example. If you hear talking in the television you might think that you have to do with a socialist with some of her ideas about economics and healthcare or he support to the poor workers. Hitler was just the same.

In France they killed an 18 year-old boy and the Interior Minister Manuel Valls very correctly banned the certain far-right groups in France. But their members are going into hiding. Where? But of course to their veiled comrades in the Front National. In Greece members of the far-right beat, torture and threat immigrants or people that don’t fulfil their stereotypes. Where do they hide? With their “legal” comrades of the Golden Dawn. And why not. After all their parliamentarians inside the Greek parliament denied holocaust without any punishment and in televised interviews a lot of them have agreed that its time for the “ovens” to reopen.

But thanks to freedom of speech and the thousands who follow them and vote for them with enough votes to put them in national parliaments and give them parliamentarian immunity they have the comfort and the alibi to settler all those criminals, after all they are comrades.

Recession has been the excuse for why people have voted for them the last ten years. This is an excuse for not accepting the truth. Recession gave them the pretext they needed to come out of their closet. After all memories are dead. Who remembers nowadays? Really remembers. So few that doesn’t matter anymore. And now they can kill. After all they are ion the parliament. With votes.

So how many more deaths is going to take before we understand that the serpent’s egg has broken again and there are thousand if not millions little snakes all around Europe? Because if people didn’t know some years ago today they definitely know what these parties represent and every vote, every single vote that goes to them is absolutely conscious. So, how many more deaths is going to take before we start acting? A holocaust?

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