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Between the two evils in Tahrir Square
by Thanos Kalamidas
2013-07-05 10:31:36
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Over two years ago and in the very pages of Ovi magazine, in an article after the successful demonstration in the Tahrir square to depose Mubarak I pointed that perhaps Mubarak left but I had my doubts if democracy returned. Two years after in the very same square to the entire words’ astonishment the very same people who celebrated democracy today they are celebrating a dictatorship.

How sad it is, two and a half millennia after democracy was established as the best stateside system, democracy to be a victim of semantics. And how sad it is in the dawn of the 21st century to talk about Arab style democracy, western style democracy, Asian style democracy, Russian style democracy, Muslim style democracy or Christian style democracy. The fundamental of democracy are extremely simple and totally functional covering every aspect of life. Equality, respect, freedom. That’s it. When these three things work together you’ve got a society which even knows her freedom limits out of respect to her equality. That simple. But as usual the simple is the most difficult.

Two years ago the people in the Tahrir Square, in the centre of the Egyptian capital were celebrating their victory. The dictator was out, democracy had just entered. The whole world was talking about the Egyptian Spring. And before the spring is over winter is here all over Egypt with tanks bringing it. And do you know what’s worse? That the very same people welcomed the military coup, the new dictatorship in the very same Square. In Tahrir Square in the middle of Cairo. How sad and how ironic.

This time the problem was with the Muslim democracy. The people didn’t like the idea of an Islamic democracy, they wanted an Arab democracy. Iraq has similar problems because while most don’t like an American style democracy and they do prefer an Arab style democracy with a lot favour an Iranian style theocrat democracy and some strict Muslim democracy and some Taliban style democracy. Do you know what the best thing about all these democracies is? All of them, without any exceptions, they lack three things. Equality, respect, freedom. Oh don’t worry even in Europe this moment we are not talking about a simple economic problem any more but we are talking about democracy’s crisis.

Do you know what else is ironic this moment in Tahrir Square? That the people seen that the democracy they celebrated two years ago is turning into a theocratic democracy they chosen today a dictatorship under the army’s control, their guardian of the secular life. Between the two evils they chose the less evil. At least that’s what they think. The sure thing is that the one who lost is democracy.

Equality dies in prisons cells, respect in torture champers and freedom in work camps. Democracy was dead anyway. More that two years ago in that article I pointed that Mubarak is out, his regime is over but truth said there was never a Mubarak regime. Mubarak ruled Egypt under the army’s tolerance. When the army had enough of him they let the people demonstrate and press him to resign. They chose to let the people, because for them it was a strategic move to remove a disturbing element to their shadow ruling. Mubarak was just the window, the puppet who thought that he was a real boy and he could make his own decisions. He couldn’t.

And the Muslim brothers thought exactly the same. They thought that had control but the army had never returned to their barracks, they just never noticed it. The army was always there waiting and the moment the Muslim Brothers crossed the line the army had put the people returned to Tahrir Square and the tanks followed. This moment there is unknown number in the Egyptian prisons all in the name of equality, respect and freedom. Is just that there is no equality, respect and freedom any more. So now we are going to have an army style democracy where equality there is only among the leading officers, respect from everybody to the army’s decisions and freedom for the army to do whatever they want. All the evils in the name of democracy!


By the way, the gang rape of the woman, the Dutch journalist, in the middle of the Tahrir Square while the demonstrators celebrated and with thousands of people watching which part of the Egyptian’s army order follows?

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