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Mission accomplished
by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-11-10 10:08:24
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Over the past few days since Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death for crimes against humanity, I’ve been waiting for somebody to proclaim, "Mission accomplished!" because nothing else has been accomplished there.

The situation in Iraq looks far from stable, there is obviously a civil war and if we don’t like the definition civil war, there is definitely a war between factions including religious differences or should we call it inter-religion differences. Nothing looks stable in the region in general; Iran's testing more missiles constantly provoking the Americans just like North Korea is doing from the other side of the continent.

While more innocent Iraqis are being killed, despite the fact that we only hear the number of dead American soldiers, George Bush has two years to fix the mess before the American elections and, of course, all the Middle East is blaming him for the civil war saying that it was better during Hussein’s era.

Now we have seen the final sentence of the protagonist of two Gulf wars and the death of hundred of thousands of people, what has happened? The Americans definitely have their hands full in Iraq - they wanted to finish with one enemy, but now have a whole chain of them. Actually, by now they have surely lost count.

It's better to see how many allies they have in the area, which is only one, the Kurds. Not even the Saudis, who in the fear of their trembling status have kept away from their American allies and shown some Muslim fraternity. The Turks? They have become an old joke that nobody wants and they just pass them from one to another, plus they are worrying about what the Americans may have promised to the Kurds, an independent country, perhaps?

There is a government in Iraq, but even if that is a democratic government nobody will ever believe them. In the eyes of the whole Arab world they look like the puppets of the Americans in the area and nothing is going to change that soon.

Iran is playing a big part in this local conflict with its cloudy interests, the Mullahs on one side as religious leaders and manipulators of its political and military interests, while on the other side as a local power. Never forget revenge is a good motive after the long war with Saddam. Ironically, USA is responsible of Iran becoming a local power.

Now there is the other side, the allies. Most of them have already withdrawn their armies and the ones left have to meet a strong internal opposition, especially in the UK with Tony Blair living out the last weeks of his empire. Even if his party will survive after being left in pieces from his self-centered leadership, support to American’s occupation in Iraq is out of question. Who’s left, Japan? They cannot do much. The east Europeans? Most of them are heading into an election year and they don’t want Iraq to become an election issue. The USA is one place where Iraq will definitely be an election issue.

What about the monster himself? Europe cannot accept a death sentence and they are correct - you don’t punish a murderer by murdering him; you keep him alive to remind of what he did and try to make him understand his crimes. The US doesn’t seem to care much, after all many US states still have the death sentence.

But was that the reason for all that? To see Saddam Hussein in a court room and have the joy to see his face while listening his death sentence? Does anybody feel that was mission accomplished?

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