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Carry a gun inside a parliament
by Thanos Kalamidas
2013-05-25 10:22:02
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Can you imagine a member of the American congress giving a speech in the great hall of the capital in Washington with a pistol on his hand? Can you imagine a member of the parliament giving a speech in the palace of Westminster with a pistol in his jacket’s pocket? Can you imagine a member of the German parliament listening the speaker in the Bundestag while cleaning his revolver? No, the answer is definitely no.

In the past we have seen pictures of parliaments where MPs carry guns and even use them to threaten; I’m not sure but I think these were pictures from the Taiwanese, the Georgian or the Russian parliament. I’m not sure at all, still the pictures and the meaning of the place and the shock is there in the back of the mind. And it all has to do with both, carrying a gun and carrying a gun inside the temple of democracy.

But it happens today, this moment and it happens in the country that prides for the birth of democracy. Greek members of the parliament carry guns not only in their every day life but they also carry their guns inside the parliament, inside the great halls of the temple, inside the room they talk about democracy. And as you might well guessed it is mainly the members of the Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn.

Before I continue I would like to add something I wrote a few days ago in a Greek magazine explaining why I’m not going to be silent anymore about this gang of social and political parasites.

The existence of the Golden Dawn not only in the Greek Parliament but also in the Greek society insults me as a human being, democrat and a Greek. To be quiet in the name of freedom of speech – something often argued by the neo-Nazis, the very same people who would strangle every single right I have including my right to freedom of speech if they could come in power – shows negligence to our obligation to defend democracy and fear in front of social and political parasites.

The Golden Dawn phenomenon is not exclusively Greek. Similar parties, in the name of democracy and freedom of speech, have spread all around Europe this moment. But especially in Greece, a country that lost nearly 1/5 of the population during the five year Nazi occupation, thousands shot inland or sacrificed in Auschwitz and Dachau and a seven year military dictatorship is simply not acceptable to have a parliamentarian party that represents these criminals. And if this moment there are 400,000 traitors fascists who voted for this party, there are 6,000,000 Greeks who say no. And it is time to make this NO loud.

Saying that I have to return to the latest exhibit of fascist behaviour from the Golden Dawn. The representatives of this criminal gang in the Greek parliament over a year ago somehow – I suppose avoiding psychological evaluation – they took permits to carry guns. The last few months they don’t just carry guns around but they dare bring the guns inside the Greek parliament and make sure that everybody knows.

There are two reasons plus one that somebody would carry a gun. One because they are afraid or feel threaten. Second because they want to threat and bully. And finally the plus, because they have something very small and they try other ways to enlarge it.

In the first case, if a representative of the Greek people and member of the Greek parliament feels scared or threaten so much to need a lethal weapon to defend him/her self inside the most guarded building in Greece then Greece is in serious trouble and democracy in Greece dead.

In the second case the only ones who carry guns to threaten or bully are criminals, gangsters, psychopaths, bullies. None of them logically, legally or ethically should have permission to carry a gun. Not in parliament but nowhere in this world. Actually even the idea of any of them carrying a gun is chilling and terrifying.

And the plus case demands psychological help and if they want to get something to replace what they are missing there is always an alternative, they can get one of those Hammer vehicles or a Ferrari. That will do the job. However these people desperately need psychological help which also means that they are incapable for a permit to carry a gun.

Now guess in what category the parliamentarians of the Golden Dawn, which apparently all carry pistols, fall. The combination of the second and the third is optional. Add to that that fascists are by definition paranoid, illuminating about international conspiracies against them with immigrants want them dead and groups of communists, unionists, liberals, gays, gypsies and nearly everybody except themselves wanting to kill them you get a very strange, dangerous and explosive cocktail. Inside the Greek parliament.

A few weeks ago in a town hall meeting a parliamentarian of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn for the Greek orthodox Easter and while giving presents to kids he hit a twelve year-old girl while demonstrating for the immigrants “participation” to the event. The very same man carried a gun that he exhibited and used it as a threat.

A time bomb ready to explode and kill democracy for good in Greece!

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