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Sperm CountSperm Count by Bohdan Yuri
08 February 2021
#1. gotta find it gotta find it gotta find it... ...missed it, darn. (Add a comment)
Cowardly History: Australia Day and InvasionCowardly History: Australia Day and Invasion by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
08 February 2021
It's the sort of stuff that should have been sorted years ago in Australia: a murderous, frontier society ill disposed to the indigenous populace; the creation of a convict colony that was itself an act of invasion rather than settlement... (Add a comment)
Cross-generational and cross-sectoral Recovery for the Union: Towards a New Independent authority?Cross-generational and cross-sectoral Recovery for the Union: Towards a New Independent authority? by Ovi Magazine Guest
08 February 2021
The first address of the European Commission since the pandemic was one highly anticipated by all the citizens of the EU block. On September 16, President Ursula van der Leyden took it upon herself to reveal the EU's roadmap for... (Add a comment)
John GrishamJohn Grisham by The Ovi Team
08 February 2021
February 8th 1955. On this day, John Grisham, the best-selling author known for his legal thrillers, is born in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Grisham's books have sold over 250 million copies worldwide, (Add a comment)
The New Queen The New Queen by The Ovi Team
08 February 2021
February 8th 1952; Princess Elizabeth formally proclaimed herself Queen and Head of the Commonwealth and Defender of the Faith. Lords of the Council - numbering 150 - representatives from the Commonwealth... (Add a comment)
Alfred Adler - Power and Social FeelingAlfred Adler - Power and Social Feeling by Rene Wadlow
07 February 2021
Alfred Adler, whose birth anniversary we mark on 7 February, believed that there were two decisive forces at work in world history and in the life of each individual: a striving for power and a social feeling. (Add a comment)
Fin Elegy - Chapter 4: Loving Doug. Part 2Fin Elegy - Chapter 4: Loving Doug. Part 2 by Christos Mouzeviris
07 February 2021
Your relationship with Anne was problematic from the beginning. You were both too young and immature to have self-awareness or the ability and courage to totally expose yourselves to the other, as true love requires. (Add a comment)
Notes on the evolution of languageNotes on the evolution of language by Joseph Gatt
07 February 2021
Language evolved in two simultaneous phases: the codes emitted by human beings became more and more complex, and the understanding of those codes became sharper and sharper. (Add a comment)
More Berserk Alert! #304More Berserk Alert! #304 by Tony Zuvela
07 February 2021
Tony Zuvela and his view of the world around us in a constant berserk alert! (Add a comment)
Radical group 'arrested' heiressRadical group 'arrested' heiress by The Ovi Team
07 February 2021
February 7th 1974; a little-known group calling itself the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) said its members are responsible for kidnapping the 19-year-old newspaper heiress, Patty Hearst, in California. (Add a comment)
The Mother of Us AllThe Mother of Us All by Dr Elsa Lycias Joel
06 February 2021
Over a perfectly simple and effortless chat, Karla Gottlieb discusses her book "The Mother of us all" with Elsa Lycias Joel. Impelled by Queen Nanny's passion to oust the colonizers and free her people from slavery, bondage and... (Add a comment)
A LegacyA Legacy by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
06 February 2021
She was beautiful, crazy and sick. She was my friend. She is hidden away now, Safe under the lid of the coffin That will be hers forever. (Add a comment)
Grand Unified Theory of law of physics complicatedGrand Unified Theory of law of physics complicated by Joseph Gatt
06 February 2021
The general assumption for a Grand Unified Theory of the laws of physics would be a law that explains all the movements and motion in the universe. (Add a comment)
Damage control over the uncontrolled damagedDamage control over the uncontrolled damaged by Thanos Kalamidas
06 February 2021
Globally governments try to damage control the pandemic, in Greece there is no damage control over an irresponsible government and the corrupted PM, Kyriakos 'Koulis' Mitsotakis. All in Greek (Add a comment)
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