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Flowering JudasFlowering Judas by The Ovi Team
11 September 2021
Katherine Anne Porter's first collection of short stories, Flowering Judas, is published September 11th 1930. The title story, which appeared earlier that year in Hound and Horn magazine... (Add a comment)
Patriotic Snitch: Bob Hawke as US InformantPatriotic Snitch: Bob Hawke as US Informant by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
10 September 2021
Larrikin is a word often, and inaccurately used, in Australian political lingo. Australia's longest serving Labor Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, was known as one such figure. He was praised as the great communicator and healer between... (Add a comment)
John Doe SmithJohn Doe Smith by Bohdan Yuri
10 September 2021
Last night john doe was zipped, and lifted in his black plastic bag, the frozen stiff was finally moving to a new location on the other side. (Add a comment)
Who called Angela Merkel?Who called Angela Merkel? by Ovi Magazine Guest
10 September 2021
An unusual scene was recorded by cameras during Angela Merkel's recent meeting with Vladimir Putin in Moscow. It was the last in a long series of meetings between the two statesmen and at the same time a farewell visit of... (Add a comment)
Mika Toxica 21#06Mika Toxica 21#06 by Thanos Kalamidas
10 September 2021
Every office has one; male or female no difference and always toxic! (Add a comment)
Smells Like Teen SpiritSmells Like Teen Spirit by The Ovi Team
10 September 2021
September 10th 1991, You either had to be part of a fairly small subculture of music fans or a professional on the business side of the music industry to have heard of Nirvana before the autumn of 1991. To the few who followed their particular brand of al (1 comment)
Leo Tolstoy: The Law of Love Leo Tolstoy: The Law of Love by Rene Wadlow
09 September 2021
9 September marks the birth of the multi-dimensional Count Leo Tolstoy, an aristocratic land owner, a young military officer, a distinguished author of War and Peace, Anna Karenina, Hedji Mirad, a spiritual-moral philosopher... (1 comment)
The Potter's WheelThe Potter's Wheel by Nikos Laios
09 September 2021
A bright green grapevine Hung over a Potter's Workshop on the Island of Naxos, And the purple grapes Glowed over the finished (Add a comment)
Research Signals Five Major Trends for Post-Pandemic AmericaResearch Signals Five Major Trends for Post-Pandemic America by Ovi Magazine Guest
09 September 2021
America is once again focused on the future. Great vision and contact lens options play a huge role in turning plans into reality. That's why we launched See Tomorrow and our companion sweepstakes, pinpointing what U.S. residents... (Add a comment)
Ma-Siri & Alexa 21#12Ma-Siri & Alexa 21#12 by Thanos Kalamidas
09 September 2021
Ma-Siri is a mother and a grandmother with a mechanical companion searching for the meaning of life. (Add a comment)
Attica prison riotAttica prison riot by The Ovi Team
09 September 2021
September 9th 1971; A four-day riot at Attica Prison comes to a violent end as law enforcement officials open fire, killing 29 inmates and 10 hostages and injuring many more. The prison insurrection was the bloodiest in U.S. history. (Add a comment)
Chairman Mao ZedongChairman Mao Zedong by The Ovi Team
09 September 2021
September 9th 1976; the chief architect of the Chinese revolution, Chairman Mao Zedong, has died at the age of 82. His death - at 10 minutes past midnight - was announced by the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party... (Add a comment)
PatternsPatterns by Jan Sand
08 September 2021
There are all sorts. One dimensional, two dimensional, three dimensional, four dimensional, five dimensional and so on up. The word "dimension" means to measure and it is not only extensions in space and time that can be measured. (Add a comment)
The March of the Emperor PenguinsThe March of the Emperor Penguins by Michael Lee Johnson
08 September 2021
Emperor Penguins never set feet on land, straight up their feet on ice, tuxedo's with short feathers overlapped, waterproofed, inner down layers insulated with air. (Add a comment)
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