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Siege of Leningrad beginsSiege of Leningrad begins by The Ovi Team
08 September 2020
September 8th 1941; During World War II, German forces begin their siege of Leningrad, a major industrial centre and the USSR's second-largest city. The German armies were later joined by Finnish forces that advanced... (Add a comment)
Leo Tolstoy: The Law of Love by Rene Wadlow
07 September 2020
9 September marks the birth of the multi-dimensional Count Leo Tolstoy, an aristocratic land owner, a young military officer, a distinguished author of War and Peace, Anna Karenina, Hedji Mirad, a spiritual-moral philosopher... (1 comment)
Bringing In the Sheep !Bringing In the Sheep ! by Leah Sellers
07 September 2020
"Praise the Lord and Halleluiah, Brothers and Sisters!" Pastor Mishanter shouted out to his rapt Congregation. "Please, follow Brother Croak, our riveting Choral Director, in our Blessed hymn of Bringing in the Sheep....er... (Add a comment)
The Sentencing of Brenton Tarrant: Jailing the Man, not the Great ReplacementThe Sentencing of Brenton Tarrant: Jailing the Man, not the Great Replacement by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
07 September 2020
Brenton Tarrant was sentenced last week. The Australian national who butchered, with relish, 51 individuals in Christchurch at Al Noor Mosque and the Linwood Islamic Centre, found himself facing something unique... (Add a comment)
(Semi-fictional) conversation with an anti-Semite(Semi-fictional) conversation with an anti-Semite by Joseph Gatt
07 September 2020
Questions that anti-Semites like to ask me, and answers to those questions. Judaism is the only sectarian religion in the world. You Jews should adopt universalism. (Add a comment)
Koulis Galopoulakis' Big BrotherKoulis Galopoulakis' Big Brother by Thanos Kalamidas
07 September 2020
The tenth episode of the satirical Asterixian story of the absolutely corrupted Greek Prime Mayor Koulis and his latest reshuffle, all in Greek. (Add a comment)
Threatened Species DayThreatened Species Day by The Ovi Team
07 September 2020
September 7th. Threatened Species Day is a national day in Australia held each year on 7 September to commemorate the death of the last remaining Tasmanian tiger (also known as the thylacine) at Hobart Zoo in 1936. (Add a comment)
The Blitz beginsThe Blitz begins by The Ovi Team
07 September 2020
September 7th 1940; on this day in 1940, 300 German bombers raid London, in the first of 57 consecutive nights of bombing. This bombing "blitzkrieg" (lightning war) would continue until May 1941. (Add a comment)
The Face of British Trade: Tony Abbott Goes to BlightyThe Face of British Trade: Tony Abbott Goes to Blighty by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
06 September 2020
The question was put by interviewer Kay Burley on Britain's Sky News network to UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock. "Is Tony Abbott the right kind of person to represent us - even if he's a homophobic misogynist?" Hancock... (Add a comment)
In the MAZE or the EXISTENTIAL THREAT *In the MAZE or the EXISTENTIAL THREAT * by David Sparenberg
06 September 2020
We have lost our minds And with our minds we have lost our eyes And with our eyes we have lost our ears And with our ears we have lost our tongues (Add a comment)
Skills mismatch and the 21st centurySkills mismatch and the 21st century by Joseph Gatt
06 September 2020
The 21st century is rather different from the 20th century. Let's just say that we went from magazines and typewriters to websites and keyboards and from social clubs and churches to chat rooms and Google searches. (Add a comment)
Survivor - School editionSurvivor - School edition by Patrick McWade
06 September 2020
For the Moment a cartoon series by Patrick McWade (Add a comment)
Candle in the WindCandle in the Wind by The Ovi Team
06 September 2020
September 6th 1997. "The people's princess" was the label Great Britain's newly elected Prime Minister Tony Blair chose to use in describing the late Princess Diana in his first public statement following her death. (Add a comment)
Luciano PavarottiLuciano Pavarotti by The Ovi Team
06 September 2020
Luciano Pavarotti (October 12, 1935 - September 6, 2007) was an Italian tenor and one of the most popular contemporary vocal performers in the world of opera and across multiple musical genres. (1 comment)
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