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More Berserk Alert! #258More Berserk Alert! #258 by Tony Zuvela
06 October 2019
Tony Zuvela and his view of the world around us in a constant berserk alert! (Add a comment)
Jane Eyre is publishedJane Eyre is published by The Ovi Team
06 October 2019
October 6th, on this day in 1847, Jane Eyre is published by Smith, Elder and Co. Charlotte Bronte, the book's author, used the pseudonym Currer Bell. The book, about the struggles of an orphan girl who grows up to become a governess... (Add a comment)
Anwar Sadat assassinationAnwar Sadat assassination by The Ovi Team
06 October 2019
October 6th 1981; Islamic extremists assassinate Anwar Sadat, the president of Egypt, as he reviews troops on the anniversary of the Yom Kippur War. Led by Khaled el Islambouli, a lieutenant in the Egyptian army... (Add a comment)
Impeachment Inquiry Exposes Nation's PrioritiesImpeachment Inquiry Exposes Nation's Priorities by George Cassidy Payne
05 October 2019
As reported by the Washington Post, a new Quinnipiac University poll released shows that support for impeaching Trump and removing him from office has grown from 37% of registered voters to 47% in the latest survey. (Add a comment)
The Wind HowlsThe Wind Howls by Nikos Laios
05 October 2019
The wind howls And the train clings To the cliff top over The wild Pacific ocean, (Add a comment)
Dangerous Detentions: Julian Assange and Remaining in BelmarshDangerous Detentions: Julian Assange and Remaining in Belmarsh by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
05 October 2019
Much ink has been spilt in textbooks describing situations where autocratic states can behave badly. They abuse rights; they ignore international law and they ride roughshod over conventions. (Add a comment)
World Teachers DayWorld Teachers Day by The Ovi Team
05 October 2019
UNESCO calls on everyone to consider undertaking a special celebration for World Teachers' Day. (Add a comment)
Isaac Singer and the Nobel PrizeIsaac Singer and the Nobel Prize by The Ovi Team
05 October 2019
October 5th; on this day in 1978, Isaac Bashevis Singer wins the Nobel Prize for literature. Singer wrote in Yiddish about Jewish life in Poland and the United States, and translations of his work became popular... (Add a comment)
First presidential speech on TVFirst presidential speech on TV by The Ovi Team
05 October 2019
October 5th 1947, President Harry Truman (1884-1972) makes the first-ever televised presidential address from the White House, asking Americans to cut back on their use of grain in order to help starving Europeans. (Add a comment)
The President Did It: Donald Trump's Phone AroundThe President Did It: Donald Trump's Phone Around by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
04 October 2019
When the squalid, absurd and occasionally hilarious accounts are compiled by a sober mind, the Trump administration will stand out as much gargoyle with more than a touch of paranoia. (Add a comment)
The Typically Faux Trumpian Tirade Against Those WhistleBlowerThe Typically Faux Trumpian Tirade Against Those WhistleBlower by Leah Sellers
04 October 2019
The Typically Faux Trumpian Tirade Against Those WhistleBlower, Democracy and American Constitution Lovin' and Savin' Yo-Yo's ! (Add a comment)
Advice to wannabe bookwormsAdvice to wannabe bookworms by Joseph Gatt
04 October 2019
I am a bookworm myself and have met several people who want to get into reading. So here are a few tips, in no particular order. (Add a comment)
Call to end dog-transmitted human rabies by 2030Call to end dog-transmitted human rabies by 2030 by Ovi Magazine Guest
04 October 2019
A call for the total elimination of dog-transmitted human rabies by 2030 has come from the World Veterinary Association (WVA) and the World Medical Association (WMA). (Add a comment)
Sputnik satellite Sputnik satellite by The Ovi Team
04 October 2019
October 4th 1957; A Russian satellite launched into space - the first man-made object ever to leave the Earth's atmosphere. The Russian news agency, Tass, said the satellite Sputnik was now 560 miles (900 kilometres)... (Add a comment)
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