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First Commercial Radio StationFirst Commercial Radio Station by The Ovi Team
20 August 2020
20th August 1920; the first commercial radio station begins operating in Detroit, Michigan with call sign 8MK (Now WWJ (News radio 950)). The radio station was started by The Detroit News newspaper and is now owned and run by CBS. (Add a comment)
Belarus Protests. Do they have a positive future?Belarus Protests. Do they have a positive future? by Rene Wadlow
19 August 2020
The fast-moving political situation in Belarus needs to be watched closely. Non-violent actions for fair elections and freedom of expression have been met by police and military repression. On 9 August 2020, Alexandr Sashenka... (Add a comment)
DelosDelos by Nikos Laios
19 August 2020
Sunset, Between the shadows And the dying sunlight The broken bronze fingers Hide in the long grass And wild flowers. (Add a comment)
Extreme Moderation in the Spittoon: Kamala Harris for VPExtreme Moderation in the Spittoon: Kamala Harris for VP by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
19 August 2020
The Vice Presidency has always gotten a degree of bad press in the US political system. Its ineffectuality is sometimes lost on the occupant, though not on John N. Garner, who considered it "not worth a bucket of warm spit." (Add a comment)
From the Victory Day to Corona DisarrayFrom the Victory Day to Corona Disarray by Ovi Magazine Guest
19 August 2020
The post WWII architecture is a strong and decisive reaction to the Great Depression, the rise of fascism, the horrors of WWII and the Holocaust. The United Nations, created in San Francisco on 26 June 1945, are built on three main... (Add a comment)
Moscow jails U-2 spy pilotMoscow jails U-2 spy pilot by The Ovi Team
19 August 2020
August 19th 1960; The United States pilot, Francis Gary Powers, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison by a Soviet military court. Powers had pleaded guilty to spying for the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) (Add a comment)
Bill ClintonBill Clinton by The Ovi Team
19 August 2020
August 19th; on this day in 1946, William Jefferson Blythe III is born in Hope, Arkansas. His father died in a car accident before he was born, and young Bill later took the last name of his stepfather, Roger Clinton. (Add a comment)
Arthur Waley: Ways of Thought in Ancient ChinaArthur Waley: Ways of Thought in Ancient China by Rene Wadlow
19 August 2020
Arthur Waley (1889-1966) whose birth anniversary we mark on 19 August was an important cultural bridge-builder between China and the West. He was a translator of Chinese and Japanese poetry and philosophical texts... (Add a comment)
Social media and fake news Social media and fake news by Kola King
18 August 2020
Ovi magazine welcomes our new addition to the Ovi Team, Mr King. His first opinion contribution is about social media and fake news. (Add a comment)
Don't Stigmatise the Nuke! Opponents of the Nuclear Weapons Ban TreatyDon't Stigmatise the Nuke! Opponents of the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
18 August 2020
It would seem a logical step, at least from an existential perspective: to ban something so utterly horrendous to life; to forbid its use in any circumstances, whatever rationale employed to justify its use. (Add a comment)
Advice to translatorsAdvice to translators by Joseph Gatt
18 August 2020
The kind of advice to translators you won't find anywhere else. In no particular order. (Add a comment)
Land MusicLand Music by Patrick McWade
18 August 2020
'Then, Again' is a cartoon series by Patrick McWade. (Add a comment)
Coup against GorbachevCoup against Gorbachev by The Ovi Team
18 August 2020
August 18th 1991 hard-line elements of the Soviet government and military begin a coup attempt against President Mikhail Gorbachev. The coup attempt signified a decline in Gorbachev's power and influence (Add a comment)
Roman PolanskiRoman Polanski by The Ovi Team
18 August 2020
August 18th; on this day in 1933, Roman Polanski, the director of such films as Rosemary's Baby, Chinatown and The Pianist, is born Rajmund Roman Liebling in Paris, France. (Add a comment)
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