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Berserk Alert! #112Berserk Alert! #112 by Tony Zuvela
12 July 2020
Tony Zuvela and his view of the world around us in a constant berserk alert! (Add a comment)
Pablo NerudaPablo Neruda by The Ovi Team
12 July 2020
Pablo Neruda born July 12, 1904 (d. September 23, 1973) was the pen name and, later, legal name of the Chilean writer and politician Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto. With his works translated... (Add a comment)
Panama Canal opensPanama Canal opens by The Ovi Team
12 July 2020
On July 12th, 1920, the Panama Canal was officially opened by Woodrow Wilson even though it had been in use since 1914. The canal was begun in 1881 and probably would not have... (1 comment)
Libya Negotiations BlockedLibya Negotiations Blocked by Rene Wadlow
11 July 2020
Despite diplomatic moves by Turkey, Russia, the U.S.A. Italy, and France, the political, military, and economic situation in Libya remains blocked. A 6 June 2020 call for a ceasefire and renewed negotiations issued by... (Add a comment)
Mr. FLOYDMr. FLOYD by David Sparenberg
11 July 2020
Was he a good man, fully a human being? Was he a bad man, a conflicted individual? It never mattered. He was a Black Man. Now he is dead. (Add a comment)
Strategic hiringStrategic hiring by Joseph Gatt
11 July 2020
Knowledge and power. Knowledge or power. Knowledge? Or power? Most companies look at the following when hiring staff: degrees and diplomas, work experience and skills. Other important be often unstated factors... (Add a comment)
Walk & talk 2018Walk & talk 2018 by Thanos Kalamidas
11 July 2020
Contemporary talk, walk and talk! (Add a comment)
Henri PetainHenri Petain by The Ovi Team
11 July 2020
July 11th 1940; World War One hero Henri Petain becomes head of the collaborative Vichy government of France. Petain was a national hero in France for his role in the defence of Verdun in World War One, but was later discredited and sentenced to death as (Add a comment)
E.B. WhiteE.B. White by The Ovi Team
11 July 2020
July 11th, on this day in 1899, E.B. White, the author of the popular children's novels "Charlotte's Web," "Stuart Little" and "The Trumpet of the Swan," is born in Mount Vernon... (Add a comment)
Can NATO membership be separated from EU aspirations?Can NATO membership be separated from EU aspirations? by Christos Mouzeviris
10 July 2020
Growing up in Greece, I often came across the widespread slogan from the country's Communist Party (KKE); "EEC and NATO, the same syndicate". (Add a comment)
Defending Australia: The Deputy Sheriff Spending SpreeDefending Australia: The Deputy Sheriff Spending Spree by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
10 July 2020
There are few sadder sights in international relations than a leadership in search of devils and hobgoblins. But such sights tend to make an appearance when specialists in threat inflation either get elected to office or bumped up the... (Add a comment)
Rex Tugwell: Planning and Action for Rural ReconstructionRex Tugwell: Planning and Action for Rural Reconstruction by Rene Wadlow
10 July 2020
As world-wide climate change has made the issues of land use, water, desertification, and land reform vital issues, it is useful to recall the contributions of Rexford Tugwell whose birth anniversary we mark on 10 July. (Add a comment)
Evolution cycles among children in romantic lifeEvolution cycles among children in romantic life by Joseph Gatt
10 July 2020
I'll discuss how children date in school settings and as young adults, taking three factors into consideration: knowledge factors, power factors and cultural factors. (Add a comment)
Emma GoldmanEmma Goldman by The Ovi Team
10 July 2020
July 10th 1917; Emma Goldman imprisoned for obstructing draft. Emma Goldman, the daughter of Jewish parents, was born in Kovno, Russia on 27th June, 1869. Goldman immigrated... (1 comment)
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