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The multi-energy storage systemThe multi-energy storage system by Joseph Gatt
13 April 2021
In today's world, the problem with renewable energy such as solar and wind energy is that the energy can not be "trapped". That is, if there are clouds that cover the sun, you have no more power. (Add a comment)
Always Something 21#01Always Something 21#01 by Thanos Kalamidas
13 April 2021
Mix a little childhood silliness with adult seriousness and you are always up to something; trouble most of the time! (Add a comment)
Sidney Poitier wins Best Actor Oscar for Lilies of the FieldSidney Poitier wins Best Actor Oscar for Lilies of the Field by The Ovi Team
13 April 2021
April 13th 19624. On this day in 1964, Sydney Poitier becomes the first African American to win the Academy Award for Best Actor, for his role as a construction worker who helps build a chapel in Lilies of the Field (1963). (Add a comment)
Fatuous Defence: Australia's Guided Missile PlansFatuous Defence: Australia's Guided Missile Plans by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
12 April 2021
Even in times of pandemic crises, some things never change. While Australia gurgles and bumbles slowly with its COVID-19 vaccine rollout, there are other priorities at stake. (Add a comment)
CompromiseCompromise by Bohdan Yuri
12 April 2021
Next to my surprise did I realize, life is best served in compromise, (Add a comment)
Defeating terrorism: lessons from past mistakesDefeating terrorism: lessons from past mistakes by Joseph Gatt
12 April 2021
In the past, pundits and others focused on the relationship between Islam and terrorism. That is, a lot of research focused on what verses of the Quran and what Islamic traditions led terrorists to become terrorists. (Add a comment)
Global Day of Action on Military SpendingGlobal Day of Action on Military Spending by The Ovi Team
12 April 2021
April 12th; In 2011, global military spending surged to US $1.74 trillion. Given the numerous crises facing the planet - economic, environmental, health, diplomatic - it is imperative that we create a global movement to... (1 comment)
The American Civil War beginsThe American Civil War begins by The Ovi Team
12 April 2021
April 12th 1861; the bloodiest four years in American history begin when Confederate shore batteries under General P.G.T. Beauregard open fire on Union-held Fort Sumter in South Carolina's Charleston Bay. (Add a comment)
Filiki EteriaFiliki Eteria by The Ovi Team
12 April 2021
April 12th 1820; Alexander Ypsilantis is declared leader of Filiki Eteria, a secret organization to overthrow Ottoman rule over Greece. (Add a comment)
Establishing a human colony on planet MarsEstablishing a human colony on planet Mars by Joseph Gatt
11 April 2021
Earth is mostly oxygen and hydrogen when Mars is mostly Carbon Dioxide. So, if you were to settle on Mars, that would be the equivalent of trying to breathe in a smoke-filled room. Not the cigarette-smoke filled room... (Add a comment)
Volcano LoversVolcano Lovers by Abigail George
11 April 2021
There are so many things going through Gail's head at this point in time. By the sea, part natural, part supernatural, it spits driftwood out in the shape of a log, so much life, so much life, so much life. (Add a comment)
Brexit and future of cross-Atlantic relations: Decoupling or recalibrationsBrexit and future of cross-Atlantic relations: Decoupling or recalibrations by Ovi Magazine Guest
11 April 2021
Enough majority of British people simply believe, for many reasons, that for the UK it is better to get out of the European integration. The dominant attitude is that the EU isn't working. (Add a comment)
AntySaurus Prick 21#04AntySaurus Prick 21#04 by Thanos Kalamidas
11 April 2021
Dino is a vegetarian virgin dinosaur and his best friend is Anty, a carnivorous nymphomaniac ant. They call themselves the AntySaurus Prick and they are still here waiting for the comet to come! (Add a comment)
Bob Dylan in New York CityBob Dylan in New York City by The Ovi Team
11 April 2021
April 11th 1961; Bob Dylan got his first real chance to put those on display with his first major gig in New York City, opening for bluesman John Lee Hooker at Gerde's Folk City. (Add a comment)
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