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Childhood and young adulthood phasesChildhood and young adulthood phases by Joseph Gatt
03 July 2020
I'll save you some time. Very roughly sketching the different phases children and young adults go through. (Add a comment)
2nd opinion, quarantined! #062nd opinion, quarantined! #06 by Thanos Kalamidas
03 July 2020
Seriously, a human hater self-centred agoraphobic in quarantine! I think you'll need a second opinion after this. (Add a comment)
James Douglas MorrisonJames Douglas Morrison by The Ovi Team
03 July 2020
July 3rd 1969 Jim Morrison, poet and members of the rock group "The Doors" dies. Jim Morrison, born James Douglas Morrison, had both Scottish and Irish ancestors, and was the son of... (Add a comment)
Can Track II Efforts Reduce China-India Frontier Tensions?Can Track II Efforts Reduce China-India Frontier Tensions? by Rene Wadlow
02 July 2020
In a 24 June 2020 message to the Secretary General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Mr Vladimir Novov, the Association of World Citizens expressed its active concern with the 15 June death of Indian and Chinese military... (Add a comment)
Secret Trials Down Under: Witness J, Witness K and Bernard CollaerySecret Trials Down Under: Witness J, Witness K and Bernard Collaery by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
02 July 2020
There a few more spiteful things in political life than a security establishment attempting to punish a leaker or whistleblower for having exposed an impropriety. Such a tendency has no ideological stripe or colouring... (Add a comment)
You live, you learnYou live, you learn by Joseph Gatt
02 July 2020
Making the most out of experience in business. (Add a comment)
Back to a Better FutureBack to a Better Future by Ovi Magazine Guest
02 July 2020
We are used to perceiving science and arts as two separate areas of our society that exist more or less independently. Science is exact. It necessitates rules and regulations, deals with laws, explains and interprets phenomena. (Add a comment)
Mutiny on the Amistad Mutiny on the Amistad by The Ovi Team
02 July 2020
July 2nd 1839. Early in the morning, Africans on the Cuban schooner Amistad rise up against their captors, killing two crewmembers and seizing control of the ship, which had been transporting... (Add a comment)
The Last Days of TrumpThe Last Days of Trump by Bohdan Yuri
01 July 2020
In an earlier article (2016) I'd made some predictions: 1. By the end of the first year the GOP will ask Trump to resign. He refuses. 2. By the end of the second year, Trump will resign... (Add a comment)
Indicting Hashim Thaci: The Kosovo Specialist Prosecutor's Office Gets BusyIndicting Hashim Thaci: The Kosovo Specialist Prosecutor's Office Gets Busy by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
01 July 2020
When it comes to the touchy, violent matter of Kosovar affairs, history keeps company with the devils of nationalism and vengeance. Serbia remains scornful of the aspirations of the territory, whose legitimacy it does not recognise... (Add a comment)
Manish's Zodiac Signs Predictions for July 2020Manish's Zodiac Signs Predictions for July 2020 by Manish Kumar Arora
01 July 2020
Manish's Zodiac Signs Predictions for July 2020 (Add a comment)
Berserk Alert! #028Berserk Alert! #028 by Tony Zuvela
01 July 2020
Tony Zuvela's view of the world around us in a constant berserk alert! (2 comments)
Canadian Independence DayCanadian Independence Day by The Ovi Team
01 July 2020
July 1st 1867. The autonomous Dominion of Canada, a confederation of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the future provinces of Ontario and Quebec, is officially recognized by Great Britain... (2 comments)
Isabela Peron presidentIsabela Peron president by The Ovi Team
01 July 2020
July 1st 1974. With Argentine President Juan Peron on his deathbed, Isabela Martinez de Peron, his wife and vice president, is sworn in as the leader of the South American country. (Add a comment)
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