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 The Dark Side of the UniverseThe Dark Side of the Universe by Jack Wellman
When other boys were reading comic books, and some (if they got lucky) a National Geographic, if done nonchalantly and without blushing cheeks. But as for me, I have never gotten over the ask-itis that I have had since a child. I would instead
 "Postmarked the day before yesterday""Postmarked the day before yesterday" by David Barger
Dearest child,How well can you recount your days?Days filled of joy and laughterAs you ran aroundDirty ditches,Endless streams,And bountiful fields.Young mind like a spongeSoaking
 "Endless and Eternal""Endless and Eternal" by David Barger
The Day in all her beautyFavored the NightWith his calm collectedAtmospheric nature.Overall she liked the wayHe presented himself;How with only his touchHe could set everyone’sMin
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