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You search by tag - toilet

 Short trip to ban'osShort trip to ban'os by Alexander Mikhaylov
Sometimes I grow frustrated with my pathological laziness. Consider this: to live in a Spanish speaking country for a year and never learn to speak Spanish properly – just how lazy can you be? I have gained knowledge of a number of words
 No toilet humour by Asa Butcher
Yes, today is World Toilet Day. No, the world hasn't gone around the U-bend. Why shouldn't 24-hours of the year be dedicated to the faithful lavatory, loo, WC, khazi, dunny, privy, netty or latrine? Where would we be without it or should I
 The Porcelain Throne by Thanos Kalamidas
An offering of artwork honouring the humble toilet.For the full The Porcelain Throne Exhibition, click
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