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 North American Indians: Part One - The ProliferationNorth American Indians: Part One - The Proliferation by Jack Wellman
At first, the rugged mountainous and forested realms of the great expanse of the North American Continent stood empty - the only indigenous game were the occupants and, in nearly all the continent, not so much as one human. With the continent l
 Native American Indian Policy: Removal or Genocide? 3/3Native American Indian Policy: Removal or Genocide? 3/3 by Jack Wellman
Kansas Territory was declared Indian Territory in 1825. This small area, purposed for hundreds of tribes from the east, had no forests, few animals and not much water. This was a disaster waiting to happen. Just after it was called Indian Territor
 Native American Indian Policy: Removal or Genocide? 2/3Native American Indian Policy: Removal or Genocide? 2/3 by Jack Wellman
During the 1700s and 1800s, the vast majority of Americans wanted Indians gone. Out of sight and out of mind. Alive or dead! And the ones with the power and ability to do something about it worked within all of their means to achieve this end. Par
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 Native American Indian Policy: 1/3Native American Indian Policy: 1/3 by Jack Wellman
The Spanish had one of the earliest contacts with Native American Indians The Quiveran Plains Indians lived close to where Wichita, Kansas is now located in the central U.S. The Indians were mesmerized by Spanish missionary, Juan de Padilla. They
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