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 About Goliaths by Thanos Kalamidas
It is really long time ago when somebody very close to me happened to be in the centre of London when a bomb exploded. Until then this strange feeling of David fighting Goliath had somehow blinded any other sense and logic and somewhere inside I c
 Undeserved compassion by Asa Butcher
As I excitedly began opening my birthday presents on the morning of my tenth birthday I clearly remember BBC Breakfast News being on in the background with live pictures being broadcast from a small Scottish town called Lockerbie that had been dev
 Fair and unfair by Thanos Kalamidas
Two people were sentenced to prison this week in Iraq in a very twisted move of justice. Muntadar al-Zaidi was sentenced to three years in prison, while Tariq Aziz, Saddam’s former foreign minister, was jailed for fifteen years for his role
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 New world disorder # 1: Global Injustice by William Edo
For similar crimes, here’s how people don’t get different punishments:-A guy lies about his religion or ethnicity to avoid racial prejudice from other people. He gets caught and his friends think it’s so l
 Suicide justice (Greek) by Thanos Kalamidas
Πριν τα Χριστούγεννα έγραψα ένα άρθρο με
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