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 G-8 leaders focus on global warming by Thanos Kalamidas
 Jane of Thought: Girl Power and Pink Imbecility by Jane Eagle
In my former life as a snail (no, I didn’t have sex with myself, the hermaphrodite reproductive process it’s much more complicated than your stupid joke) I’ve watched women rebel.In the 19th century - to make
 Doubtful instruments by Jan Sand
When God gave Adam a penis, Adam surely was delighted to have a built-in squirt gun and when Eve came along there must have been some consternation about her lack of directional control. Adam probably wondered as to whether that original rib was s
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 The Tinker Bell effect by Jan Sand
The dreams of centuries ranging from the old tale of Daedalus and Icarus through the efforts of DaVinci, Cayley, Stringfellow, Lilienthal and finally, the Wright Brothers is routinely realized today as thousands of huge gleaming metal monsters, we
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