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 New Wind Power Forecast Project in USNew Wind Power Forecast Project in US by Luis Alves
Project began in December and will extend up to September 2010 The US Department of Energy (DoE) invited the Portuguese
 The world's largest photovoltaic power station [PICS]The world's largest photovoltaic power station [PICS] by Luis Alves
In Amareleja, a Portuguese parish of the municipality of Moura, the rural landscape was modified by hundreds of thin metallic structures anchored on the ground by concrete foundations. These s
 Moura Renewable Energies ProjectMoura Renewable Energies Project by Luis Alves
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 Moura (Amareleja) Photovoltaic Power StationMoura (Amareleja) Photovoltaic Power Station by Luis Alves
 Photovoltaic Solar in PortugalPhotovoltaic Solar in Portugal by Luis Alves
Portugal is one of the European countries with the highest levels of solar radiation (particularly the Alentejo region), enjoying excellent conditions for
 The Tamera Peace Research CentreThe Tamera Peace Research Centre by Alexandra Pereira
On Peace, Human Ecology, Alternative Energies, the Solar Power Village and the idea of the Global Campus “Think Local, Act Global”
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