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 Side-effects of a mailboxSide-effects of a mailbox by Thanos Kalamidas
The constant increasing readership of Ovi magazine has also brought something else, the side effects. And one of them that sometimes makes you angry, sometimes sad or uncomfortable and occasionally laugh is the mail. During the day I try to go oft
 Spynet Dalai Lama by Thanos Kalamidas
Tom Clancy, the famous author of the Dr. Ryan series of spy books, started including in his books computer spying or better computer hacking for governments in the early-nineties; actually, in one of the latest novels of the Ryan saga the American
 Abusing Ovi's tolerance by Thanos Kalamidas
From its very beginning Ovi magazine has been a magazine with a great deal of tolerance and there are very few times we had to interfere either with articles or comments. When we did so, the people who wrote the articles or the comments had crosse
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 Boycott the Nobel Prize by Thanos Kalamidas
There are only six months left until the Swedish police and the secret service or any other authority will have full access to my emails and I …don’t even live in Sweden! The Swedish parliament’s decision, with the excuse of terr
 Stolen Identity by Jack Wellman
One thing that really disturbs me are those unseen predators, like thieves in the night, who refuse to make an honest living and instead steal another person’s name and identity, doing great harm to both. Even janitorial work or being a sani
 Spam by William Edo
Ever since I first opened an email account about ten years ago, I received tons of spam. I’ll share their contents with you.I have accumulated around 2,000 years of good luck ahead of me for forwarding spams. I also g
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