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 E.T phone China by Thanos Kalamidas
The involvement of celebrities in major international issues often makes me feel suspicious and sceptical but, as I have often written, if it helps to highlight these issues and make more people aware of them, then well done and it doesn’t m
 Get famous or die trying by William Edo
I am one of those who would like to die as late as possible, if at all. To some, if fame can’t be achieved during life, it should at least be achieved dying. With shootings in Missouri, Chicago and a Louisiana college this week, seeking f
 Britney Spears: Sex, drugs and pop by Thanos Kalamidas
Two days ago a 14-year-old girl died in her bedroom in Athens, a victim of drugs and alcohol and her parents are trying to understand what really happened and how drugs and alcohol found their way into this child’s room. They are both very o
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