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You search by tag - Teenagers

 Pillorying dignity by Thanos Kalamidas
It started late last week from a popular UK tabloid and gradually took over all the tabloids all around the world. By Sunday it is somewhere in all the media agencies all around the world, the issue a thirteen year-old boy and a fifteen year- old
 "a mutant" by Bohdan Yuri
my son,you are a teenager,a mutant. a mindless generic alteration trapped in metamorphic,hormonal rages.  but fear not, this will pass,as all thin
 Britney Spears: Sex, drugs and pop by Thanos Kalamidas
Two days ago a 14-year-old girl died in her bedroom in Athens, a victim of drugs and alcohol and her parents are trying to understand what really happened and how drugs and alcohol found their way into this child’s room. They are both very o
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 Unripe cherries by Amin George Forji
BBC Radio 1, in conjunction with Durex, BBC 1 Xtra and MTV, has just released the results of the BareAll06 online survey. The BareAll06 campaign was launched on Monday, 22nd May, to run throughout the summer. It wa
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