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You search by tag - Star_Trek

 Track the Trek by Thanos Kalamidas
When the film finished, Winona Ryder’s name came up on the screen and both Asa and I looked at each other wondering where the hell she was hiding throughout the film and why did we miss her since I have to admit her name was the only familia
 Living long and still prospering by Asa Butcher
 Beam me up, Scotty! by Thanos Kalamidas
Does watching Star Trek make you a nerd? I could never give an answer to this question and to be honest I never really felt like a nerd, actually I was never called a nerd either. Going through eras like the mods and beat doesn’t really fulf
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 A cup of Raktajino by Asa Butcher
 "Where no man has gone before" by The Ovi Team
Space - the Final Frontier.These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.Its five-year mission:To explore strange new worlds.To seek out new life and new civilizatio
 Trekkies of the world unite! by Asa Butcher
Many people consider May the 4th as Star Wars Day, but what about those who don't believe in the Force and the Dark Side? The ones that boldly go where no Man has gone before, the ones who practice the Vulcan ner
 Blasted into orbit by Asa Butcher
Over the past few weeks a number of famous individuals have passed away, but it was the story of Star Trek actor James Doohan's ashes being sent about 70 miles above the earth for a 15-minute flight and eventual soft return to earth that caugh
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