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You search by tag - Rugby

 The 6 Nations Championship 2009 by Craig Houston
Once again we have reached that time of the year, when all the Christmas debts are virtually paid off and the holiday period is but a blurred memory of turkey and unwanted socks. However, for rugby fans all over Europe, that means only one thing:
 Female hookers wanted by Helsinki Rugby Club
LADIES' TAG TOURNAMENT IN HELSINKI ON NOV 10thThis autumn's tag tournament will take place on Saturday Nov 10th in Töölö, Helsinki, on the Finnair Stadium's Astroturf at 11:30 – 15:30. The g
 Baltic Plate 2007 Report by Helsinki Rugby Club
What a weekend! We’ve been holding three competitions within one tournament during the weekend.
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 The Baltic Plate by Helsinki Rugby Club
Finland's biggest rugby event of the year, the Baltic Plate, will take place in Myllypuro, Helsinki, on September 29, 2007. This is the 7th annual tournament that will this year have twice the number of teams par
 Croke Park by Clint Wayne
Croke Park, Ireland’s National Stadium and the fourth largest sporting arena in Europe, this Sunday, takes an enormous step and probably a ‘cultural shock’ as a ‘foreign’ sport takes place for the first time in its hi
 Six Nations Rugby by Clint Wayne
In 1823, when William Webb Ellis picked up a football during a match at Rugby University and ran with it through the opposition’s defence to score the first try in history, the game of Rugby was born, with its scrums, rucks, mauls, line-outs
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