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 Powdermilk Biscuits Presents Garrison Keillor by Rene Wadlow
 Ovi Bad Boys Podcast #140 by The Ovi Team
Download of the Ovi Bad Boys Podcast is totally free of charge. On the podcast page you will find all of their archived shows, which is a recording of their weekly live show broadcast across the Helsinki region on Lä
 Jesus in Guantanamo by The Ovi Team
If Jesus Christ returned to Earth today, would He get through US immigration? After all, Jesus is a bearded, Middle-Eastern man, who wants to die as a religious martyr. And he has just walked out of a cave.This is the premise
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 Schengen: entrano altri nove Paesi, tra qualche "evviva", "se", "ma" e molto, molto... "sssht" by Newropeans-Magazine
Da ragazzino, amavo le frontiere: passare la dogana mostrando la mia bella carta d'identità, avere in tasca monete straniere (che collezionavo)... Oggi, che ho un passaporto e viaggio più spesso e pi
 40 years of BBC Radio One by Asa Butcher
At 7 a.m. on September 30th, 1967, BBC Radio One was launched with Tony Blackburn welcoming in the new broadcasting era with the words, "And, good morning everyone. Welcome to the exciting new sound of Radio 1!
 Heart in it by John Pederson
The idea of a farming makeover for the “Put Your Heart In It” show immediately drew me in. I loved the idea of combining a Green Acres plot with a make-over program and thought the spin-off Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was a clever a
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