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 Record year for enforced disappearances in MexicoRecord year for enforced disappearances in Mexico by Osvaldo Rocha
 Under a silent death in MexicoUnder a silent death in Mexico by Osvaldo Rocha
 But ...seriouslyBut ...seriously by Thanos Kalamidas
After the gang war with a lot of dead, now came the turn of the innocent to suffer in Mexico and this time their suffering comes from the food or better from the pigs. Over sixty people are already dead and an unknown number are infected from the
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 Are you still going to Guadalajara?Are you still going to Guadalajara? by Linda Lane
Yes. It is safer in much of Mexico than it is in many places in the US in terms of the general crime rate. I have traveled to more dangerous places and been held at gunpoint in Dhaka, Bangladesh for example, and on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, U
 A Bible and dental flossA Bible and dental floss by Linda Lane
We donated a 123-year- old Bible, its rusted metal clasps being held together with dental floss, to the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe church in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The Bible was originally used in a Protestant church in Oklah
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