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You search by tag - HIV/AIDS

 Scientist finds Aids virusScientist finds Aids virus by The Ovi Team
April 23rd 1984; Scientist finds Aids virus. The discovery of a virus which may cause Aids, the fatal disease sweeping through America, has been hailed as a \"monumental breakthrough\" in medical research. The development was announced in Washi
 World HIV/AIDS day by The Ovi Team
This World AIDS Day – and all year round – we\'re asking you to Act Aware. Acting aware means finding out the facts about HIV and using this knowledge to protect yourself and others from HIV infection. Many people do not understand
 HIV/AIDS in Yemen between society review and services weaknessHIV/AIDS in Yemen between society review and services weakness by Abdullah A. Ali Sallam
Yemen is the third Middle Eastern state to pass a law to guarantee the rights of people living with HIV, after Djibouti and Sudan. People\'s rights are guaranteed in the constitution. The law also aims to reduce stigma directed at people
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 HIV AIDS by Thanos Kalamidas
December 1st is the World AIDS Day and this is the message for the occasion from Michel SidibéExecutive Director of UNAIDS:On this World AIDS Day we are filled with both hope and concern. Hope because significant
 The war against horror! by The Ovi Team
From the very beginning when HIV AIDS appeared, at least for everybody and mainly in the media, was something that had nothing to do with us, identifying this with something very far away from us. And from the very beginning HIV AIDS was the mo
 Former South African President Blamed for 330,000 HIV/AIDS Deaths by Newropeans-Magazine
Zackie Achmat, a prominent South African AIDS activist has recently blamed the former president of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki, for 330,000 HIV/AIDS related deaths in the country.
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