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 Become as little childrenBecome as little children by Jack Wellman
Children are a gift of God, no doubt. Children take things literally. In this article, you will read of two true stories that show we must exercise great care in how we share the Gospel with young children. And for adults, unless we come to Chr
 $EED$ OF FAITH$EED$ OF FAITH by Jack Wellman
Wolves In $heep's Clothing If were are to be stewards of God’s Word and Truth, I believe we are also required to overturn the moneychangers tables in the Temple, when we see them, like Jesus Christ Himself did. There are many
 Finding God in the shackFinding God in the shack by Jack Wellman
Roger Olson’s Book Review of The Shack The Shack, by William P. Young, has been a bestseller. It has also been a lightning rod for criticism and unfairly so, I believe. I reviewed The Shack in 2008. But what I didn
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 Interview with God!Interview with God! by Pamela Hunt
Me: What do you think about Taco Bell? The burritos you know are pretty good….God: I like mine hot as hell! (I made both….ya know!)Me: You're known for creating great and beautiful things… How
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