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 TsunamiTsunami by The Ovi Team
After the sad result of the UN summit for the environment is good to remember what happened 5 years ago on the December 26th , 2004, when earth continuing warning us that there is something wrong with a tsunami caused by an earthquake under the
 Copenhagen report XIICopenhagen report XII by Euro Reporter
Copenhagen refuses to formally approve Obama accord After President Obama announced a break-through accord on Friday, all-night talks were held at the climate conference in Copenhagen about recognizing a political compromise t
 Copenhagen report XICopenhagen report XI by Euro Reporter
Draft of Copenhagen deal has broad targets, sparse details World leaders and negotiators were closing in on a political accord that would lead to a new treaty on global warming, though the elusive deal remained out of grasp an
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 Copenhagen report XCopenhagen report X by Euro Reporter
Can Hillary Clinton Stave Off Collapse at Copenhagen?With the clock winding down and the hosts of the Copenhagen climate conference reportedly abandoning hope of a deal, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton announced
 Copenhagen report IXCopenhagen report IX by Euro Reporter
Angry protestsHundreds of demonstrators were arrested Wednesday afternoon at the Copenhagen climate conference, while protesting against "exclusionary tactics” which kept most of the NGO members outside the confe
 Copenhagen report VIIICopenhagen report VIII by Euro Reporter
Rich countries responsible for slow Copenhagen talksChina said Tuesday that the rich countries should be responsible for the sluggish progress of the Copenhagen climate talks as they "move backward" on such issues
 Copenhagen report VIICopenhagen report VII by Euro Reporter
Final talks begin in Copenhagen Climate conferenceMore than 90 ministers had met informally on December 13, on their day off from official negotiations between 190 nations, to try to break an impasse between rich and poor over
 Copenhagen report VICopenhagen report VI by Euro Reporter
40,000 activists march on Copenhagen for climate justiceWith only one week to go for the UN climate conference, thousands of demonstrators showed their concern for the environment yesterday (Saturday, December 12th) in the Dan
 Copenhagen report IICopenhagen report II by Euro Reporter
Nations' fury over leaked climate textA leaked document known as the "Danish text" has driven an even deeper wedge between rich and poor countries embroiled in U.N. climate talks in Copenhagen. The document, subt
 Copenhagen reportCopenhagen report by Euro Reporter
Last, best chance: UN climate conference opensThe largest and most important U.N. climate change conference in history opened Monday, with organizers warning diplomats from 192 nations that this could be the best, last chance
 G-8 leaders focus  on global warmingG-8 leaders focus on global warming by Thanos Kalamidas
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