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 Relocating to the Private Sector: The Cuban Economic Crisis by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
Over one million state workers will have to relocate to the private sector, according to the Cuban authorities.  The drive to self-employment and self-sufficiency will become the new ideological mission of the Castro regime.  The economy
 A Chavez with persecution mania by Thanos Kalamidas
Perhaps it is just me but I always had my doubts with the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, he was somehow too good to be true and the same time to crazy to trust. He has the theory alright, I mean the man definitely wants to be remembered as the new Cast
 The liberator who became dictator by Thanos Kalamidas
Castro resigned! The last revolutionary under the weight of age and illness had to retire after 49 years in power. It sounds amazing even writing it and I know that the world has changed; I know that ideologies have changed and myths have been unv
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