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 OverLordin' Waterboardin'OverLordin' Waterboardin' by Leah Sellers
“Hey Ricky, toss me that burlap sack would ya’.” “Sure thing, Mr. Lord.”  Ricky tossed his Team Leader the burlap sack he requested and added, “Sir, can
 WeightWeight by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
 Bessie SmithBessie Smith by The Ovi Team
April 15th 1894; despite the immense influence her records had on the shape and course of American popular music in the 20th century, the recorded legacy of Bessie Smith only captures part of her historical significance. Yes, her first recordin
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 Berserk Alert! #144Berserk Alert! #144 by Tony Zuvela
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 The Mechanical ManThe Mechanical Man by Nikos Laios
We swim in an ocean of Prozac doing the backstroke, numbing our neurosis and Mental disorders while we recline on our porches on a Sunday afternoon balancing the cheesecakes on our paunchy little bellies.While the streets i
 Portuguese reportPortuguese report by Euro Reporter
 Titanic hits icebergTitanic hits iceberg by The Ovi Team
April 14th 1912; just before midnight in the North Atlantic, the RMS Titanic fails to divert its course from an iceberg, ruptures its hull, and begins to sink. Because of a shortage of lifeboats and the lack of satisfactory emergency procedures
 Life Undercover 408Life Undercover 408 by Thanos K & Asa B
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 Market Value and Human Values: the War on the PoorMarket Value and Human Values: the War on the Poor by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
 7.1 Million Sighs of Relief7.1 Million Sighs of Relief by Leah Sellers
Have you Heard ?  Thanks to the Affordable Care Act - thanks to ObamCare stickin’ it out, and stickin’ in there, despite great backlash from the Republican/Tea Party, FOX News, El Supremo Rancido Limberger and other Air Jockey
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