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 Berserk Alert! #140Berserk Alert! #140 by Tony Zuvela
For more Berserk Alert! HERE! For more O
 Live Aid ConcertLive Aid Concert by The Ovi Team
13th July 1985; The Live Aid Concert was a series of rock concerts held to raise
 The Special Branch and the Malaysian Deep StateThe Special Branch and the Malaysian Deep State by Murray Hunter
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 Molly Pfeffer (Holocaust Survivor) Molly Pfeffer (Holocaust Survivor) by Saloni Kaul
Life couldn’t have been less eventful in Murrumbeena.After what she’d lived through who’d want events!
 Reflections on the Israeli law of returnReflections on the Israeli law of return by Jay Gutman
Rivka, a Jewish woman, is married to Jane, a non-Jewish woman. Jane, through artificial insemination, gets pregnant to Jack, their child. Jack grows up to be a fervent Zionist and tries to move to Israel at age 18. Is Jack Jewish enough?
 Humoresque: Fly OrchestraHumoresque: Fly Orchestra by Loren Fishman
For more Humoresque,HERE! For more Ovi C
 Pablo NerudaPablo Neruda by The Ovi Team
Pablo Neruda born July 12, 1904 (d. September 23, 1973) was the pen name a
 Panama Canal opensPanama Canal opens by The Ovi Team
On July 12th, 1920, the Panama Canal was officially opened by Woodrow Wilson even though it had been in use since 1914. The canal was begun in 1881 and probably would not have been completed without the guidance of President Theodore Roosevelt.
 Ambassadorial obligations, Boris' surrenders Ambassadorial obligations, Boris' surrenders by Thanos Kalamidas
 Waking With A Poem Already In My HeadWaking With A Poem Already In My Head by Neil Leadbeater
Waking With A Poem Already In My HeadWednesday morning, waking with a poemalready in my head, I sawthe pond-skaterpirouetting on thin iceand knew, as I began to writ
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