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 That Cooler Heads May PrevailThat Cooler Heads May Prevail by Rene Wadlow
 The Present HomeThe Present Home by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
 From WWI to wwwFrom WWI to www by The Ovi Team
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 Berserk Alert! #239Berserk Alert! #239 by Tony Zuvela
For more Berserk Alert! HERE! For more O
 Nixon in ChinaNixon in China by The Ovi Team
February 21st 1972; The American President Richard Nixon arrived in China at the start of a week-long summit aimed at ending 20 years of frosty relations between the two countries. His visit began with an unexpected audience with Chairman Mao Z
 International Mother Language DayInternational Mother Language Day by The Ovi Team
February 21st; International Mother Language Day was proclaimed by UNESCO\'s Gen
 The Myth of 'Bengali Migration' to Arakan The Myth of 'Bengali Migration' to Arakan by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
Genocidal crimes don’t occur by chance and require years of preparation. The rationale for justifying such horrendous crimes is often provided by the evil geniuses or the ideologues within the dominant group. Thi
 Cool ItCool It by Jan Sand
There is suspicion of intentIn everything, no purpose bent,For living things must orientPurposes where none is meant. 
 North Korean intentionsNorth Korean intentions by Jay Gutman
I think North Koreans have been misunderstood. Simply put, the North Korean regime has tried to establish a unified Korean nation where all souls have clean souls and excellent warrior abilities. Whether they get enough to eat is beyond the poi
 Walk & talk 904Walk & talk 904 by Thanos Kalamidas
For more Walk & talk, HERE! For more
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