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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 To Johannesburg, with loveTo Johannesburg, with love by Abigail George
A flock of stars. Stars in her eyes. And so, I closed myself off to the outside world. The
 There's always roomThere's always room by Saloni Kaul
Issues all ring with their own mixed sensations And radiate like divers branches bold of broom, Where rooted to the one, for neat expansions
 Pieces of youPieces of you by Nikos Laios
I found pieces of you Floating in my dreams Lucid, swimming in my soul,
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 PassengerPassenger by Gordana Mudri
I climb the misty mountain peak. And heavy clouds will be my bed, the last place where I will sleep.
 Dawn RisingDawn Rising by Mbizo Chirasha
I see many voices rising with the sun sharp spears of the sun ,undulating with coming freedom mother was there during liberation i will be there for the other liberation a revolution of million voices
 Temporal TacticsTemporal Tactics by Jan Sand
Time does not respond to curse Or even worse, disdain. Daily events make it plain
 SantoriniSantorini by Nikos Laios
The heat clings to my skin On a sultry Aegean evening And the air is hot to breathe,
 The handsome stranger at the seasideThe handsome stranger at the seaside by Abigail George
I can smell the hungering sea on my fingers. Your dancing is bittersweet. The royal-loyal
 Lobstering Adventures Lobstering Adventures by Saloni Kaul
Silver glinting lobster traps line Yarmouth's shores Like long deserted dolls' town houses piled on high While wintry bay winds whipping o'er to tidal bores
 Sensations of SummerSensations of Summer by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
The wind in the shade The damp of the cellars Those mornings of the summer
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