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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 Window PainWindow Pain by Pamela Hunt
The cat... slate gray, stands sentry- At the bedroom window, sentry for centuries...standing like an old, tall building, Green eyes panicky...
 MultiplesMultiples by Jan Sand
If you are shocked by flocks of foxes, Deterred by a herd of birds, Never fear, it's quite clear You can be coerced by words.
 What Is Written in the Dark by WarWhat Is Written in the Dark by War by Uzeyir Lokman Cayci
You can no longer warm your cold hands, nor offer them in friendship. You have time to look back only once to see the life of your friendship with the flowers, the pleasure you take in love, the light ignited in your heart of hearts.
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 The PathThe Path by Nikos Laios
The path Is not straight, It is long and arduous And it winds through life,
 Jewels on deep blue seasJewels on deep blue seas by Bohdan Yuri
strings of pearls on deep blue seas that do appear in daylight dreams, reveal wild islands basking in the sun, moving mysteries into forevermore.
 Mother of AllMother of All by Leah Sellers
Sweet Spirit Mother of All Soul of All Creation Sweet Spirit Mother of All
 EchoesEchoes by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
Radio bigmouth, and out of that horn that song. Back when everything I was was longing this song exposed it all.
 ChoreographyChoreography by Jan Sand
The waltz of warmth That dances in and out Of each year Is played on instruments That seem sturdy.
 Old Age & DeathOld Age & Death by David Sparenberg
Why do death-thoughts come around when recalling the tender warmth of a woman's body? Must every flower be fragile?
 SailingSailing by Saloni Kaul
On schooners sturdy handcrafted like the toughest boots, Knit close, we're back to pioneering history's grassroots.
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