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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 What Could I Have Done?What Could I Have Done? by Bohdan Yuri
I will, Idle my needs for your warm felt touch And remove the spell that spins your gold,
 I'll bring itI'll bring it by Akli Hadid
Finish this wit living I'll shift this dimwit twist Light this brisk, gift skills
 Letter Sealed with a RoseLetter Sealed with a Rose by Shola Balogun
The graceful melody of your voice is as sweet As the symphony
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 Slow hands finding the car keysSlow hands finding the car keys by Abigail George
The subtle signs of the personality I had once as a youth are
 John Sand, Born Drelich, 1890-1973John Sand, Born Drelich, 1890-1973 by Jan Sand
My father took a while to die. I spent six months with him to see If I could help him through his misery.
 Nine Circles Nine Circles by Nikos Laios
The city Bathed in red In the dark night, And a million desolate
 When time expiresWhen time expires by Bohdan Yuri
Our journey wanders in lost shadows, Seeking dreams of ancient hallows.
 You're good at those thingsYou're good at those things by Abigail George
Rapture is the son of Johannesburg. The same way that Prague is now the adopted hometown of my sister. He did not love me. In return, I did not love him.
 The jester restsThe jester rests by Akli Hadid
Tell them never ever let her test me She sees me cheer her Then she grew perverted Extended her yells ever deeper
 Zen GardenZen Garden by David Sparenberg
Within discipline to become: person within person soul within soul humility
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