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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 A chain of questionsA chain of questions by David Barger
Will the changing climates Continue shifting? Will the seasons ever swap With their ways?
 Translations from the Cinema - RedbeardTranslations from the Cinema - Redbeard by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
Redbeard sees all, knows all, cures all. Those grocking sounds are actually swallowings, As the man forces himself to not cry out, not say the imprecations. Percolations of the inward cries cause the glutinal clicks. The man is gasping like some wretc
 Silent Autumn SprintSilent Autumn Sprint by Saloni Kaul
Old town in heyday steep, expanding wealth bloated, At all three waters' lapping confluence, On which grand commerce's tall ships once floated
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 The end of the summerThe end of the summer by Nikos Laios
An ocean swell surges And the yellow sun melts On the blue horizon;
 Getting OlderGetting Older by Jan Sand
Clocks unceasing in their stomp on minutes Crushes past into fragrancies of memories, Stains, sometimes rather bloody, on that long wall of time
 Dormant EmotionDormant Emotion by David Barger
The smallest infringement is a ruse Where I am entertained in laughter, And tied by the bonds of sorrow, But where is my enlightenment That kindles each parting gift released? Where then is my muse?
 Give Us Leaders Who have Suffered.....Give Us Leaders Who have Suffered..... by Leah Sellers
Yes, Give us Leaders who have Suffered And OverCome The Darkness Outside and Inside ThemSelves
 Cold In Their EnclaveCold In Their Enclave by Saloni Kaul
This time I hark after a distant sound Dusting tall statuettes of gold.
 The  SentinelThe Sentinel by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
"You get these nuts from time to time," the Captain sometimes growls. "Especially in these domestic things. Thank God most of them are harmless."
 In AppreciationIn Appreciation by Jan Sand
The dead are with us now Who will, in five years or ten, See time swallow up the universe.
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