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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 400 MIllion MIles From the Sun400 MIllion MIles From the Sun by George Cassidy Payne
Beauty is located inside a gravitational tango,
 Precious BonesPrecious Bones by Nikos Laios
The precious bones Lie sleeping in the bowels Of the earth curled up In a timeless embrace Among the sediments And ancient stones.
 The beach bugThe beach bug by Bohdan Yuri
There comes a winter pale creature that walks through glassy boulders trimmed by the ocean's sharpened roar.
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 We All CollectWe All Collect by Jan Sand
One must always consider one's self. This is the quiet point from which All disturbances arise.
 The FearThe Fear by Nikos Laios
Fear comes From the inability To recognise and reconcile With the true authentic
 Blissful Incoherence Blissful Incoherence by Saloni Kaul
A song that hums and trills so in your ear Until your mind's all laden and abuzz with the tune, Melodic fragments disjointed, that obstinately do adhere
 Wash the soot from my soulWash the soot from my soul by Bohdan Yuri
wash the soot from my soul, I've burned too many along the road. there isn't a war conspired that will douse the fires of man's most hateful desires.
 Translations from the Cinema - RedbeardTranslations from the Cinema - Redbeard by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
Redbeard sees all, knows all, cures all. Those grocking sounds are actually swallowings, As the man forces himself to not cry out, not say the imprecations. Percolations of the inward cries cause the glutinal clicks. The man is gasping like some wretc
 Dr. SeussDr. Seuss by Jan Sand
One need not be a child to be beguiled By Dr. Seuss who sets loose the obtuse, The mild or outrageous wild
 Contemplating the world Contemplating the world by Nikos Laios
Sunday, Six am and dogs Were barking outside, And the birds started Chirping and the sun
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