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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 OrigamiOrigami by David Sparenberg
an apple core in summer grass apple core houses
 Tenderness and extraordinary vertigoTenderness and extraordinary vertigo by Abigail George
She reminds me of wild grass. They remind me of wild grass. Bone against bone. Flesh of my flesh a prize. From all of
 A Thousand Years A Thousand Years by Nikos Laios
I've lived a thousand years And live a thousand more; I see everything through the Eyes of a thousand generations That have preceded me.
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 The morningThe morning by Abigail George
I give you a large cup (always a large cup) of tears to drink. A cup as large as the River Euphrates. Your bloodless face,
 GaiaGaia by David Sparenberg
At the center of dark cloudbank is blue mountain
 Sacred Desecration Sacred Desecration by Nikos Laios
The farmers left The land long ago For the decayed cities, The wheat fields are Long and forgotten now Blowing in the wind Under the hot sun.
 VertigoVertigo by Abigail George
I'm glad I never gave up On my mother. Even though There were times that I Came close. There were
 ElementsElements by David Sparenberg
Walking through Earth's magic together
 Under the BridgeUnder the Bridge by Nikos Laios
They waited near the bridge And i could see her Sad Mona Lisa eyes Under the moon quivering
 Healing, standing beneath the starsHealing, standing beneath the stars by Abigail George
I pour my Khoi soul into the splendid monster of the swimming pool. My body aches for water across my limbs.
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