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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 The unchased dreams become our prisonThe unchased dreams become our prison by Katerina Charisi
The dreams we never chased weigh with time. They weigh like burlap sacks full of dirt out in the rain; Transforming into grotesque snowmen as winters go by.
 Blind  PoliticsBlind Politics by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
We were watching the TV, Louie and me. He's blind, so he don't even stare at the thing. He only half listens. Me, I do the translating. I tell him what the pictures show. We been doing this for years; it's like making love, though don't get me wr
 Don't Step On That Red Line !Don't Step On That Red Line ! by Leah Sellers
Don't Step on that Red Line ! You'll Break Humanity's Back !
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 TravelingTraveling by Jan Sand
I have stridden into hurricanes, Seen frantic trees wave hysteric arms At rushing clouds that paid no heed, Too busy to look down.
 Disappearing by the beastDisappearing by the beast by Moustafa Al Yassin
He disappeared in the knowledge of the revolution of the breast equalling with all being Spartacus rising the voice of love over the touching table of the last supper
 The Printed Word The Printed Word by Nikos Laios
I swim in the smell Of printed words, I swim among the Bookshelves
 EchoesEchoes by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
Radio bigmouth, and out of that horn that song.
 Copper SkyCopper Sky by Nikos Laios
The cracked bells Clang in the breeze Over gurgling streams
 I FlapI Flap by Jan Sand
My wings are skin, stretched on bone. I flap. The sun makes jewels of my scales, red, blue, gold. I flap.
 The mirror of the soulThe mirror of the soul by Gordana Mudri
Hundreds of shadows walk. Hundreds of whispers talk...
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