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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 CompromiseCompromise by Bohdan Yuri
Next to my surprise did I realize, life is best served in compromise,
 Healing an old relationshipHealing an old relationship by Abigail George
On the wings and prayer of a dove Leaves falling to the ground. Poet first and writer second.
 JourneyJourney by Nikos Laios
The creaking Door swayed as Streams of yellow light
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 Adventure Adventure by Jan Sand
Mountains there are To tooth the horizon, And lakes to trap the sky In between the forests.
 To BurnTo Burn by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
Beset by demons, driven wild, dreams disconsolate. He sacrificed himself to his own broken dream.
 Wild BillWild Bill by Virginia Maria Romero
Wild Bill died the day I found it
 Irresistible SurgeIrresistible Surge by Nikos Laios
I feel that irresistible surge, The ocean, the wave, the Rock on the hill, the fight of free will; The push from beneath, The slashing and burning The lava was turning.
 The path of a womanThe path of a woman by Abigail George
No anchor for this paper tiger empress. No age of iron for this literary orphan.
 Your life against mineYour life against mine by Katerina Charisi
You wake up at dawn, your eyes adjust to the pale light. I wake up in the middle of night, eyes burning.
 The Burial of the DeadThe Burial of the Dead by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
The cenotes led The Fathers of Us All to it: at the bottom of the waters there is a cave, with land one can walk on, and breathe.
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