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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 LoveLove by Bohdan Yuri
How many ways can I tell you I love you? None!
 Firefly DreamsFirefly Dreams by Bohdan Yuri
Fireflies whisper dreams In the forest without noise, And the night birds swoop From shadow stations.
 Unfurled Unfurled by Nikos Laios
Did you see The the lost kites Up there floating In the cold wind
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 TriveniTriveni by Saloni Kaul
From Siva's locks down brow or Vishnu's toe, At Gomukhi from towering Himalayan peaks,
 Towards a Biology of GodTowards a Biology of God by George Cassidy Payne
Such a familiar sound. Black bear digging for pine cones. The folding of the earth's crust, no one
 The Heart CriesThe Heart Cries by Bohdan Yuri
The heart cries, Its voice muted. Eyes well, spine wilts, Bloodflow, aimless.
 TrumpTrump by Jan Sand
It is unquestionable His rough paw Extends the elementary Shock and awe
 The Revenge of Hephaistos The Revenge of Hephaistos by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
Homer tells the story while telling of it: How the God of War and the Goddess of Love dared To break the lock of propriety, join blood to desire, Careless of consequence, or the eyes of others' envy.
 Leo Pacheco from TortugasLeo Pacheco from Tortugas by Virginia Maria Romero
With feathers flying - the drums beat swirls dust
 Nocturnal Serenade Nocturnal Serenade by Nikos Laios
Their tears fell On the pavement Mingling with music Sprouting seeds;
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