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Bad Boys Podcast

Bad Boys Podcast


What do Asa and Thanos sound like?

Do they have deep booming voices packed with Barry White bass or squeak like a couple of helium addicts? Now you can easily listen to Thanos' accented English and Asa's struggle against his smarmy radio voice online.

The weekly Ovi Bad Boys Podcast is recorded as it is broadcast live across the Helsinki region courtesy of Lähiradio-KaRa 100.3 MHz and is then uploaded to this page on Sunday night/Monday morning.

The online shows run to about 30-minutes, once the songs have been edited out due to licensing reasons, and this means you can enjoy uninterrupted chat, discussion and arguments between the Ovi magazine's two editors.

Conversation usually revolves around current events, musical tastes, sport, their personal lives and anything else that captures their attention.

Sporadically, they find interesting people to interview live on the show and if you think you would make a great studio guest then contact the boys today.

Emails before, during or after the show are welcomed, plus you are free to send comments, requests and even your own music if you are interested in some exposure. The email to use is badboys@ovimagazine.com

Ovi Bad Boys Podcast

If you have Apple iTunes installed on your computer, then you can use the following link to subscribe for free to our podcast.


If you do not have iTunes, when you click the link it will invite you to download the latest version.


Most recent show

Ovi Bad BoysShow 274
Ovi B&B - with co-host Maaike
Show 274 - 1 May, 2011
Size: 9.21Mb
Length: 40.18"
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Show 273
Ovi B&B - with co-host Daphne
Show 273 - 24 April, 2011
Size: 7.27Mb
Length: 31.48"
Show 272
Ovi B&B - with co-host Maaike
Show 272 - 17 April, 2011
Size: 7.89Mb
Length: 34.00"
Show 271
Ovi B&B - with co-host Maaike
Show 271 - 10 April, 2011
Size: 8.86Mb
Length: 38.42"
Show 270
Ovi B&B - with co-host Maaike
Show 270 - 3 April, 2011
Size: 8.59Mb
Length: 37.00"
Show 269
Ovi B&B - with co-host Maaike
Show 269 - 20 March, 2011
Size: 8.52Mb
Length: 37.47"
Show 268
Ovi B&B - with co-host Maaike
Show 268 - 13 March, 2011
Size: 6.04Mb
Length: 26.25"
Show 267
Ovi B&B - with co-host Maaike
Show 267 - 6 March, 2011
Size: 8.99Mb
Length: 40"
Show 266

Ovi B&B - with co-host Maaike
Show 266 - 27 February, 2011
Size: 9.13Mb
Length: 40" 

Show 265
Ovi B&B - with co-host Maaike
Show 264
Ovi B&B - with co-host Maaike
Show 256:

5th September, 2010: DOWNLOAD (43.29m, 9,95 MB)
Ovi Magazine's 6th birthdayshow

Show 233:
5th September, 2010: DOWNLOAD (28.51m, 6,65 MB)
Co-presenter Daphne Kalamidas
Show one-hundred and ninety-four
Show one-hundred and ninety-four (15th November, 2009): DOWNLOAD (41.04m, 10,7 MB)
Interview with Steve Porter from www.finnbritplayers.com
Apologies for the bad sound quality, but at least we put a show online!
Show one-hundred and eighty-six
Show one-hundred and eighty-six (20th September, 2009): DOWNLOAD (XX.XXm, X,XX MB)
Show not recorded.
Show one-hundred and eighty-five
Show one-hundred and eighty-five (13th September, 2009): DOWNLOAD (29.42m, 6,79 MB)
Apologies for the bad quality.
Show one-hundred and eighty-four
Show one-hundred and eighty-four (6th September, 2009): DOWNLOAD (40.50m, 9,34 MB)
Co-presented by Craig Houston
Show one-hundred and eighty-three
Show one-hundred and eighty-three (30th August, 2009): DOWNLOAD (31.38m, 7,24 MB)
Show one-hundred and eighty-two
Show one-hundred and eighty-two (23rd August, 2009): DOWNLOAD (31.04m, 7,11 MB)
Show one-hundred and eighty-one
Show one-hundred and eighty-one (16th August, 2009): DOWNLOAD (XX.XXm, X,XX MB)
Apologies: No show because we forgot to charge the recorder!
Show one-hundred and eighty
Show one-hundred and eighty (9th August, 2009): DOWNLOAD (31.55m, 7,13 MB)
Co-presenter Craig Houston & Richard Berman
Show one-hundred and seventy-nine
Show one-hundred and seventy-nine (2nd August, 2009): DOWNLOAD (33.55m, 6,65 MB)
Co-presenter Craig Houston
Show one-hundred and seventy-eight
Show one-hundred and seventy-eight (26th July, 2009): DOWNLOAD (29.03m, 6,65 MB)
Co-presenter Edna Nelson
Show one-hundred and seventy-seven
Show one-hundred and seventy-seven (19th July, 2009): DOWNLOAD (29.03m, 6,65 MB)
Apologies: End of show missing
Show one-hundred and seventy-six
Show one-hundred and seventy-six (12th July, 2009): DOWNLOAD (35.10m, 8,05 MB)
Show one-hundred and seventy-five
Show one-hundred and seventy-five (5th July, 2009): DOWNLOAD (19.36m, 4,46 MB)
Show one-hundred and seventy-four

Show one-hundred and seventy-four (28th June, 2009): DOWNLOAD (XX.XXm, X,XX MB)
Show didn't record due to technical problems.

Show one-hundred and seventy-three
Show one-hundred and seventy-three (21st June, 2009): DOWNLOAD (26.31m, 6,07 MB)
Show one-hundred and seventy-two
Show one-hundred and seventy-two (14th June, 2009): DOWNLOAD (32.17m, 7,38 MB)
Show one-hundred and seventy-one
Show one-hundred and seventy-one (7th June, 2009): DOWNLOAD (46.56m, 10,70 MB)
Show one-hundred and seventy
Show one-hundred and seventy (31st May, 2009): DOWNLOAD (43.06m, 9,86 MB)
Guest presenter Edna Nelson
Show one-hundred and sixty-nine
Show one-hundred and sixty-nine (24th May, 2009): DOWNLOAD (39.37m, 9,06 MB)
Guest was Tero Karhu, player for FC Viikingit and football commentator.
Show one-hundred and sixty-eight
Show one-hundred and sixty-eight (17th May, 2009): DOWNLOAD (30.53m, 7,07 MB)
Show one-hundred and sixty-seven

Show one-hundred and sixty-seven (10th May, 2009): DOWNLOAD (XX.XXm, X,XX MB)
Our apologies to our guest Finn-Brit Bruce Marsland and you, but the show did not record due to a technical difficulty.

Show one-hundred and sixty-six
Show one-hundred and sixty-six (3rd May, 2009): DOWNLOAD (30.53m, 7,07 MB)
Show one-hundred and sixty-five
Show one-hundred and sixty-five (26th April, 2009): DOWNLOAD (28.00m, 6,35 MB)
Show one-hundred and sixty-four
Show one-hundred and sixty-four (19th April, 2009): DOWNLOAD (31.00m, 8,25 MB)
Co presented by Edna Nelson
Show one-hundred and sixty-three
Show one-hundred and sixty-three (12th April, 2009): DOWNLOAD (23.00m, 5,35 MB)
Show one-hundred and sixty-two
Show one-hundred and sixty-two (5th April, 2009): DOWNLOAD (37.00m, 8,59 MB)
Show one-hundred and sixty-one

Show one-hundred and sixty-one (29th March, 2009): DOWNLOAD (36.08m, 8,27 MB)
Co-presented by Edna Nelson (Ovi contributor) with guest Merja Suhonen, owner of the Edenin Puutarha eco-shop in Helsinki.

Show one-hundred and sixty

Show one-hundred and sixty (22nd March, 2009): DOWNLOAD (37.33m, 8,59 MB)
Co-presented by Craig Houston (Ovi contributor)

Show one-hundred and fifty-nine

Show one-hundred and fifty-nine (15th March, 2009): DOWNLOAD (XX.XXm, X,XX MB)
No show due to technical problems.

Show one-hundred and fifty-eight
Show one-hundred and fifty-eight (8th March, 2009): DOWNLOAD (38.39m, 8,84 MB)
Show one-hundred and fifty-seven
Show one-hundred and fifty-seven (1st March, 2009): DOWNLOAD (40.16m, 9,22 MB)
Show one-hundred and fifty-six
Show one-hundred and fifty-six (22nd February, 2009): DOWNLOAD (34.09m, 7,81 MB)
Show one-hundred and fifty-five
Show one-hundred and fifty-five (15th February, 2009): DOWNLOAD (33.34m, 7,68 MB)
Show one-hundred and fifty-four
Show one-hundred and fifty-four (8th February, 2009): DOWNLOAD (40.26m, 9,25 MB)
Show one-hundred and fifty-three
Show one-hundred and fifty-three (1st February, 2009): DOWNLOAD (39.47m, 9,10 MB)
Show one-hundred and fifty-two

Show one-hundred and fifty-two (25th January, 2009): DOWNLOAD (37.06m, 8,49 MB)

Co-presented by Edna Nelson

Show one-hundred and fifty-one
Show one-hundred and fifty-one (18th January, 2009): DOWNLOAD (36.48m, 8,42 MB)
Show one-hundred and fifty
Show one-hundred and fifty (11th January, 2009): DOWNLOAD (32.22m, 7,40 MB)
Co-host Edna Nelson
Apologies for the poor sound quality

Show one-hundred and forty-nine
Show one-hundred and forty-nine (4th January, 2009): DOWNLOAD (36.06m, 8,26 MB)
Show one-hundred and forty-eight
Show one-hundred and forty-eight (28th December, 2008): DOWNLOAD (XX.XXm, X,XX MB)
Show didn't record due to technical problems
Show one-hundred and forty-seven
Show one-hundred and forty-seven (21st December, 2008): DOWNLOAD (46.00m, 9,58 MB)
Guest Edna Nelson
Show one-hundred and forty-six
Show one-hundred and forty-six (14th December, 2008): DOWNLOAD (39.21m, 9,00 MB)
Show one-hundred and forty-five
Show one-hundred and forty-five (7th December, 2008): DOWNLOAD (39.51m, 9,12 MB)
Show one-hundred and forty-four

Show one-hundred and forty-four (30th November, 2008): DOWNLOAD (32.46m, 7,50 MB)
Last ten mins missing due to a technical fault

Show one-hundred and forty-three
Show one-hundred and forty-three (23rd November, 2008): DOWNLOAD (42.17m, 9,69 MB)
Show one-hundred and forty-two
Show one-hundred and forty-two (16th November, 2008): DOWNLOAD (32.44m, 7,49 MB)
Show one-hundred and forty-one
Show one-hundred and forty-one (9th November, 2008): DOWNLOAD (32.34m, 7,41 MB)
Show one-hundred and forty

Show one-hundred and forty (2nd November, 2008): DOWNLOAD (39.56m, 9,14 MB)
Interview with Jonathan Hutchings, an actor in two of the nine plays in this autumn's Festival of English Language Theatre in Finland.

Show one-hundred and thirty-nine

Show one-hundred and thirty-nine (26th October, 2008): DOWNLOAD (39.37m, 9,06 MB)
Interview with Zoë Chandler, director of one of nine plays in this autumn's Festival of English Language Theatre in Finland.

Show one-hundred and thirty-eight
Show one-hundred and thirty-eight (19th October, 2008): DOWNLOAD (43.15m, 9,89 MB)
Show one-hundred and thirty-seven
Show one-hundred and thirty-seven (12th October, 2008): DOWNLOAD (34.29m, 7,89 MB)
Show one-hundred and thirty-six
Show one-hundred and thirty-six (5th October, 2008): DOWNLOAD (38.11m, 8,74 MB)
Show one-hundred and thirty-five
Show one-hundred and thirty-five (28th September, 2008): DOWNLOAD (39.20m, 8,97 MB)
Show one-hundred and thirty-four
Show one-hundred and thirty-four (21st September, 2008): DOWNLOAD (38.15m, 7,38 MB)
Show one-hundred and thirty-three
Show one-hundred and thirty-three (14th September, 2008): DOWNLOAD (28.01m, 6,41 MB)
Show one-hundred and thirty-two
Show one-hundred and thirty-two (7th September, 2008): DOWNLOAD (40.51m, 9,35 MB)
Show one-hundred and thirty-one
Show one-hundred and thirty-one (31 August, 2008): DOWNLOAD (32.88m, 7,54 MB)
Show one-hundred and thirty
Show one-hundred and thirty (24 August, 2008): DOWNLOAD (39.18m, 11,2 MB)
Show one-hundred and twenty-nine
Show one-hundred and twenty-nine (17 August, 2008): DOWNLOAD (35.40m, 10,2 MB)
Show one-hundred and twenty-eight
Show one-hundred and twenty-eight (10 August, 2008): DOWNLOAD (30:54m, 7,07 MB)
Show one-hundred and twenty-seven

Show one-hundred and twenty-seven (03 August, 2008): DOWNLOAD (30:15m, 6,92 MB)

Show one-hundred and twenty-six
Show one-hundred and twenty-six (27 July, 2008): DOWNLOAD (21:19m, 4,88 MB)
Show one-hundred and twenty-five
Show one-hundred and twenty-five (20 July, 2008): DOWNLOAD (27:38m, 6,32 MB)
Show one-hundred and twenty-four
Show one-hundred and twenty-four (13 July, 2008): DOWNLOAD (31:54m, 7,3 MB)
Show one-hundred and twenty-three
Show one-hundred and twenty-three (6 July, 2008): DOWNLOAD (28:24m, 6,5 MB)
Show one-hundred and twenty-two
Show one-hundred and twenty-two (29 June, 2008): DOWNLOAD (24:45m, 10,5 MB)
Show one-hundred and twenty-one
Show one-hundred and twenty-one (22 June, 2008): DOWNLOAD (22:06m, 10,1 MB)
The sound is ...very low, so adjust your speakers!!!
Show one-hundred and twentieth
Show one-hundred and twentieth (15 June, 2008)
Thanos: This time I blamed the sound :) 
Show one-hundred and nineteen
Show one-hundred and nineteen (8 June, 2008)
Due to a recording accident this show with Thanos was not recorded
Show one-hundred and eighteen
Show one-hundred and eighteen (1 June, 2008): DOWNLOAD (43:30m, 9,95 MB)
Show one-hundred and seventeen

Show one-hundred and seventeen (25 May, 2008): DOWNLOAD (40:42m, 9,31 MB)
Interview with Ricky Carranza, Ambassador of Hip-Hop (Styledanceindustry.com)

Show one-hundred and sixteen
Show one-hundred and sixteen (18 May, 2008): DOWNLOAD (32:26m, 7,42 MB)
Show one-hundred and fifteen
Show one-hundred and fifteen (11 May, 2008): DOWNLOAD (38:31m, 8,81 MB)
Show one-hundred and fourteen
Show one-hundred and fourteen (4 May, 2008): DOWNLOAD (43:05m, 9,86 MB)
Co-host Derek Roche
Show one-hundred and thirteen
Show one-hundred and thirteen (27 April, 2008): DOWNLOAD (47:15m, 10,80 MB)
Interview with Alexandra Pereira, Ovi contributor: Click here to read her work.
Show one-hundred and twelve
Show one-hundred and twelve (20 April, 2008): DOWNLOAD (XX:XXm, X,XX MB)
Show one-hundred and eleven
Show one-hundred and eleven (13 April, 2008): DOWNLOAD (45:15m, 6,51 MB)
Panathinaikos Day with Tasos; the idea, the fans, the history, Gate 13 and the failure of the owner!
Show one-hundred and ten
Show one-hundred and ten (6 April, 2008): DOWNLOAD (42:09m, 7,22 MB)
Interview with Moises, all about Andalusian Flamenco, the spirit, the history and the performers!
Show one-hundred and nine
Show one-hundred and nine (30 March, 2008): DOWNLOAD (39:19m, 9,67 MB)
Interview with Amir Khatib, director of EUMAN www.eu.man.org
Show one-hundred and eight
Show one-hundred and eight (23 March, 2008): DOWNLOAD (30:09m, 6,90 MB)
Show one-hundred and seven
Show one-hundred and seven (16 March, 2008): DOWNLOAD (38:04m, 8,71 MB)
Show one-hundred and six
Show one-hundred and six (9 March, 2008): DOWNLOAD (37:51m, 8,66 MB)
Interview with Derek Roche, part of the Helsinki St. Patrick's Day celebrations team (www.damhsa.net)
Show one-hundred and five
Show one-hundred and five (2 March, 2008): DOWNLOAD (55:15m, 12,60 MB)
Guests Zorba the Freak & Sakaflias - a punk show! Read more here.
Apologies for the sound quality.
Show one-hundred and four
Show one-hundred and four (24 February, 2008): DOWNLOAD (39:38m, 9,07 MB)
Show one-hundred and three
Show one-hundred and three (17 February, 2008): DOWNLOAD (37:49m, 8,65 MB)
Co-host Denisa Udroiu, editor of Agenda Magazine (www.agendafin.com)
Show one-hundred and two
Show one-hundred and two (10 February, 2008): DOWNLOAD (26:56m, 6,16 MB)
Show one-hundred and one
Show one-hundred and one (3 February, 2008): DOWNLOAD (39:37m, 9,06 MB)
Interview with Matthew Fitzsimons, organiser of the Helsinki St. Patrick's Day Parade (www.damhsa.net)
Show one-hundred
Show one-hundred (27 January, 2008): DOWNLOAD (39:37m, 9,06 MB)
Interview with Denisa Udroiu, editor of Agenda Magazine (www.agendafin.com)
Show ninety-nine
Show ninety-nine (20 January, 2008): DOWNLOAD (37:29m, 8,58 MB)
Show ninety-eight
Show ninety-eight (13 January, 2008): DOWNLOAD (35:41m, 8,17 MB)
Show ninety-seven
Show ninety-seven (6 January, 2008): DOWNLOAD (39:04m, 8,94 MB)
Guest Elias.
Show ninety-six

Show ninety-six (30 December, 2007): DOWNLOAD (38:43m, 8,86 MB)
Guests Yiannis & Bryan Butcher.

Show ninety-five

Show ninety-five (23 December, 2007): DOWNLOAD (29:27m, 6,74 MB)
Co-presenter Yiannis.

Show ninety-four
Show ninety-four (16 December, 2007): DOWNLOAD (34:33m, 7,90 MB)
Show ninety-three

Show ninety-three (9 December, 2007): DOWNLOAD (36:11m, 8,28 MB)
Interview with Venkat.

Show ninety-two
Show ninety-two (2 December, 2007): DOWNLOAD (38:41m, 8,85 MB)
Interview with Juliette Roques.
Show ninety-one
Show ninety-one (25 November, 2007): DOWNLOAD (34:11m, 7,82MB)
Show ninety
Show ninety (18 November, 2007): DOWNLOAD (24:57m, 5,71MB)
Show eighty-nine
Show eighty-nine (11 November, 2007): DOWNLOAD (33:45m, 8,70MB)
Interview with Zoë Chandler, director of the Finn-Brit Player's autumn production The Mourning Primrose.
Show eighty-eight
Show eighty-eight (04 November, 2007): Duration: 32:07m 7,35 MB)
Show eighty-seven
Show eighty-seven (28 October, 2007): Duration: 34:45m 7,95 MB)
This week's guests were IESAF President Richard Berman and his young daughters Demi and Gabi.
Show eighty-six
Show eighty-six (21 October, 2007): Duration: XX:XXm X,XX MB)
Technical difficulties resulted in no show being recorded this week.
Show eighty-five
Show eighty-five (14 October, 2007): Duration: 36:36m 8,57 MB)
Show eighty-four
Show eighty-four (7 October, 2007): Duration: 36:55m 8,44 MB)
Show eighty-three
Show eighty-three (30 September, 2007): Duration: 33:08m 7,58 MB)
Show eighty-two
Show eighty-two (23 September, 2007): Duration: 36:06m 8,26 MB)
Show eighty-one

Show eighty-one (16 September, 2007): Duration: 34:13m 7,83 MB)
Guest co-host Tony Watts (www.iesaf.fi)

Show eighty
Show eighty (09 September, 2007): Duration: 39:05m 8,94 MB)
Show seventy-nine
Show seventy-nine (2 September, 2007): Duration: 28:34m 6,54 MB)
Show seventy-eight
Show seventy-eight (26 August, 2007): Duration: 33:25m 7,65 MB)
Interview with Justin Chacona, Marketing Manager for Spring Sports Ltd., who promoted a brand new & revolutionary sport called Leet: www.leet.tv
Show seventy-seven
Show seventy-seven (19 August, 2007): Duration: XX:XXm X,XX MB)
An all-music show, so we are unable to put it online.
Show seventy-six
Show seventy-six (12 August, 2007): Duration: 32:17m 7,39 MB
Show seventy-five
Show seventy-five (5 August, 2007): Duration: 32:37m 7,64 MB
Theme: Truck Driver's Gear Change (see www.gearchange.org for more info)
Show seventy-four
Show seventy-four (29 July, 2007): Duration: 43:47m 10,00 MB)
Interview with an Indian chap called Kanth.
Show seventy-three
Show seventy-three (22 July, 2007): Duration: 24:43m 5,65 MB)
Show seventy-two
Show seventy-two (15 July, 2007): Duration: 36:34m 8,50 MB)
Interview with James O'Sullivan, member of Kansainvälinen vapaaehtoistyö (International Voluntary Service. (www.kvtfinland.org )
Show seventy-one
Show seventy-one (8 July, 2007): Duration: XX:XXm X,XX MB)
An all-music show, so we are unable to put it online.
Show seventy
Show seventy (1 July, 2007): Duration: 24:39m 5,64 MB)
Show sixty-nine
Show sixty-nine (24 June, 2007): Duration: 18:55m 4,33 MB)
Show sixty-eight
Show sixty-eight (17 June, 2007): Duration: 40:19m 9,40 MB)
Show sixty-seven
Show sixty-seven (10 June, 2007): Duration: 26:27m (6,05MB)
Show sixty-six
Show sixty-six (03 June, 2007): Duration: 35:11m (8,20MB)
Show sixty-five
Show sixty-five (27 May, 2007): Duration: 33:15m (7,61MB)
Show sixty-four
Show sixty-four (20 May, 2007): Duration: 33:19m (7,62MB)
Show sixty-three
Show sixty-three (13 May, 2007): Duration: 25:54m (5,93MB)
Show sixty-two
Show sixty-two (6 May, 2007): Duration: 23:40m (5,50MB)
Full show was not recorded
Show sixty-one
Show sixty-one (29 April, 2007): Duration: 36:24m (8,50MB)
Show sixty
Show sixty (22 April, 2007): Duration: 32:45m (7,60MB)
Show fifty-nine
Show fifty-nine (15 April, 2007): Duration: 35:04m (8,02MB)
Co-host Richard Berman, president of IESAF Ry (www.iesaf.fi )
Show fifty-eight
Show fifty-eight (08 April, 2007): DOWNLOAD 31:14m, 8,02MB)
Show fifty-seven
Show fifty-seven (1 April, 2007): DOWNLOAD 33:29m, 9,74MB)
This week Hank from www.iesaf.fi stands in for Thanos as co-host.
Show fifty-six

Show fifty-six (25 March, 2007): DOWNLOAD 42:33m, 9,74MB)
This week Hank from www.iesaf.fi stands in for Thanos as co-host.

Show fifty-five
Show fifty-five (18 March, 2007): Duration: 30:06m (6,89MB)
Co-host Richard Berman, president of IESAF Ry (www.iesaf.fi )
Show fifty-four
Show fifty-four (11 March, 2007): Duration: 40:06m (9,40MB)
Interview with Fionna O'Sullivan, director of Jean Genet's 'The Maids', one of three Finn-Brit Player productions in May.
Show fifty-three
Show fifty-three (4 March, 2007): DOWNLOAD 38:37m, 8,84MB)
Show fifty-two

Show fifty-two (25 February, 2007): DOWNLOAD 36:59m, 8,6MB)
This week Hank from www.iesaf.fi stands in for Thanos as co-host.

Show fifty-one
Show fifty-one (18 February, 2007): DOWNLOAD 42:16m, 9,67MB)
Show fifty
Show fifty (11 February, 2007): DOWNLOAD 44:47m, 10,20MB)
Show forty-nine
Show forty-nine (4 February, 2007): DOWNLOAD 34:19m, 7,850MB)
Show forty-eight
Show forty-eight (28 January, 2007): DOWNLOAD (45:11m, 10,6MB)
Interview with Denisa Udroiu, editor of Agenda Magazine (www.agendafin.com )
Show forty-seven
Show forty-seven (21 January, 2007): DOWNLOAD 32:28m, 7,60MB)
Show forty-six
Show forty-six (14 January, 2007): DOWNLOAD (44:08m, 10,10MB)
Interview with Eduardo and Antonio, editors of www.freemagazine.fi
Show forty-five
Show forty-five (7 January, 2007): DOWNLOAD (36:30m, 8,35MB)
Show forty-four
Show forty-four (17 December, 2006): DOWNLOAD (34:01m, 7,78MB)
Show forty-three
Show forty-three (10 December, 2006): DOWNLOAD (31:03m, 7,11MB)
Show forty-two
Show forty-two (3 December, 2006): DOWNLOAD (32:43m, 7,49MB)
Show forty-one
Show forty-one (26 November, 2006): DOWNLOAD (32:53m, 7,52MB)
Interview with Paul and Tiia from www.jollydragon.net
Show forty
Show forty (19 November, 2006): DOWNLOAD (28:24m, 6,5MB)
Show thirty-nine
Show thirty-nine (12 November, 2006): DOWNLOAD (31:30m, 7,2MB)
Show thirty-eight
Show thirty-eight (5 November, 2006): DOWNLOAD (45:04m, 10,3MB)
Interview with Alexandra Alexis, a 21-year-old American/French/Finnish singer based in Finland.
Show thirty-seven
Show thirty-seven (29 October, 2006): DOWNLOAD (38:01m, 8,70MB)
Interview with Johanna MacDonald, co-director of the Finn-Brit Player's production of The Winter's Tale
Show thirty-six
Show thirty-six (22 October, 2006): DOWNLOAD (25:36m, 5,86MB)
Show thirty-five
Show thirty-five (15 October, 2006): DOWNLOAD (25:01m, 5,72MB)
Show thirty-four
Show thirty-four (8 October, 2006): DOWNLOAD (27:40m, 6,33MB)
Show thirty-three
Show thirty-three (1 October, 2006): DOWNLOAD (28:19m, 6,48MB)
Show thirty-two
Show thirty-two (24 September, 2006): DOWNLOAD (34:25m, 7,8MB)

Show thirty-one
Show thirty-one (17 September, 2006): DOWNLOAD (31:24m, 7,3MB)
Show thirty
Show thirty (10 September, 2006): DOWNLOAD (32:12m, 7,3MB)
Show twenty-nine

Show twenty-nine (3 September, 2006): DOWNLOAD (26:48m, 6,1MB)

Show twenty-eight
Show twenty-eight (27 August, 2006): DOWNLOAD (35:45m, 8,1MB)
Quality not excellent because show was recorded from radio.
Show twenty-seven
Show twenty-seven (20 August, 2006): DOWNLOAD (38:14m, 8,7MB)
Show twenty-six
Show twenty-six (13 August, 2006): DOWNLOAD (32:54m, 7,5MB)
Show twenty-five
Show twenty-five (6 August, 2006): DOWNLOAD (37:28m, 8,7MB)
Show twenty-four
Show twenty-four (30 July, 2006): DOWNLOAD (36:17m, 6,4MB)
Show twenty-three
Show twenty-three (23 July, 2006): DOWNLOAD (27:04m, 4,6MB)
Show twenty-two
Show twenty-two (16 July, 2006): DOWNLOAD (39:15m, 6,8MB)
Show twenty-one
Show twenty-one (9 July, 2006): DOWNLOAD (33:08m, 5,6MB)
Show twenty
Show twenty (2 July, 2006): DOWNLOAD (28:17m, 4,8MB)
Show nineteen
Show nineteen (25 June, 2006): DOWNLOAD (34:27m, 6MB)
Show eighteen
Show eighteen (18 June, 2006): DOWNLOAD (39:38m, 6,9MB)
Show seventeen
Show seventeen (11 June, 2006): DOWNLOAD (37:15m, 6,5MB)
Show sixteen
Show sixteen (4 June, 2006): DOWNLOAD (25:14m, 4,3MB)
Show fifteen
Show fifteen (28 May, 2006): DOWNLOAD (32:34m, 5,6MB)
Show fourteen
Show fourteen (21 May, 2006): DOWNLOAD (34:26m, 5,9MB)
Show thirteen
Show thirteen (14 May, 2006): DOWNLOAD (28:34m, 5,0MB)
Show twelve
Show twelve (7 May, 2006): DOWNLOAD (28:55m, 6,6MB)
Show eleven
Show eleven (23 Apr, 2006): DOWNLOAD (37:37m, 8,6MB)
Show ten
Show ten (23 Apr, 2006): DOWNLOAD (37:34m, 8,6MB)
Show nine

Show nine (16 Apr, 2006): DOWNLOAD (32:40m, 7,6MB)

Show eight

Show eight (9 April, 2006): DOWNLOAD (31:33m, 7,3MB)

Show seven

Show seven (2 April, 2006): DOWNLOAD (40:31m, 5,8MB)

Show six

Show six (26 Mar, 2006): DOWNLOAD (40:50m, 5,8MB)

Show five

Show five (19 Mar, 2006): DOWNLOAD (34:26m, 4,9MB)

Show four

Show four (12 Mar, 2006): DOWNLOAD (31:54m, 4,5MB)

Show three

Show three (5 Mar, 2006): DOWNLOAD (38:14m, 5,4mb)

Show two

Show two (26 Feb, 2006): DOWNLOAD (33:20m, 8mb)

Show one

Show one (19 Feb, 2006): DOWNLOAD (38:58m, 8,2MB)

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