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Everybody has an opinion about the world in which we live, but how many of us are driven to shout about them every week in a column?

Find out the names of those people...

 Eureka: Overcoming post-traumatic stress disorderEureka: Overcoming post-traumatic stress disorder by Akli Hadid
This article is aimed at people who fought wars or otherwise had to cope with post-traumatic stress disorder.
 Eureka: A serious chat on PhDs Eureka: A serious chat on PhDs by Akli Hadid
You can buy your PhD in Mexico and Central America (and as many PhDs as you want) and you can get a PhD in Finland, Sweden and Norway for absolutely no money in 3 days...
 Eureka: Currency exchange fluctuations explained simply and clearlyEureka: Currency exchange fluctuations explained simply and clearly by Akli Hadid
There are basically four types of currency flows: individual and household flows, corporate flows, financial market flows and government flows.
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 Trauma - a monologueTrauma - a monologue by David Sparenberg
If a stranger decides to come up to you and take off your hand (and they have the power), it is done. Your hand is taken!
 Eureka: Is North Korea bluffing again?Eureka: Is North Korea bluffing again? by Akli Hadid
Let me be concise and a little vulgar. Apologies for that. Sasha Baron Cohen, in his Bruno character, a acting as gay Austrian reporter, his character meets a Christian pastor for gay conversion therapy.
 Eureka: The new way of writing resumesEureka: The new way of writing resumes by Akli Hadid
To be simple, the new way to write resumes is the paranoid way to write resumes. The idea is you don't put forward anything other than your ability to perform at tasks and skills.
 Eureka: Were things really better in the past? Eureka: Were things really better in the past? by Akli Hadid
An honest assessment of the past, present and future.
 Eureka: Friendly states, passive-aggressive states, aggressive statesEureka: Friendly states, passive-aggressive states, aggressive states by Akli Hadid
In international relations, relations are always between two states, as states rarely group up to have common security, environmental, political, economic and social relations with other states.
 Eureka: The democratization of statesEureka: The democratization of states by Akli Hadid
A few random notes on the democratization of states.
 Eureka: My history with dating womenEureka: My history with dating women by Akli Hadid
Yesterday's article was vague but true (some people questioned the veracity but it's absolutely true, although we could get into technicalities).
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